Origin: Netherlands  
Genres: Progressive Metal
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Page online: December 5, 2007
Last update/review: May 6, 2012

Sun Caged

This Dutch band made quite a splash with their self-titled album in 2003. Following that release, though, practically the entire band departed, leaving founding guitarist Marcel Coenen to pick up the pieces and put together a new version of the band. Eventually that's exactly what happened, with the result being 2007's Artemisia. This is a graceful, melodic prog rock/metal album, drawing influences and similarities from bands such as Dream Theater (inevitably), Threshold, and perhaps Fates Warning, but with maturity and soulfulness aplenty to keep things interesting. In general this album is less concerned with technical wizardry than some prog bands, but they do occasionally let loose, and there's also a heavier edge that even brings Meshuggah to mind ("Unborn"). Assuming the lineup issues are a thing of the past, there's nothing stopping Sun Caged from ascending to the upper ranks of prog metal bands.

Current Members

Paul Adrian Villareal


Marcel Coenen


Daniel Kohn


Rene Kroon


Roel van Helden

drums (Powerwolf, ex-Zero Hour)

Former Members/Guests

Andre Vuurboom

vocals (ex-Imperium)

Rob van der Loo

bass (ex-Delain, Epica)

Roel Vink


Joost vn den Broek


Dennis Leeflang

drums (ex-I.N.C.)


Sun Caged  
2003 Lion
  1. Sedation
  2. Sun Caged
  3. Home
  4. Soil
  5. Hollow
  6. Closing In
  7. The Eighth Day
  8. Secrets Of Flight
  9. Unchanging
  • Andre Vuurboom
  • Marcel Coenen
  • Rob van der Loo
  • Joost vn den Broek
  • Dennis Leeflang

2007 Lion
  1. Lyre's Harmony
  2. A Fair Trade
  3. Unborn
  4. Blood Lines
  5. Painted Eyes
  6. Engelbert The Inchworm
  7. Afraid To Fly
  8. Dialogue
  9. Departing Words
  10. Doldrums
  11. Land of Confusion
  • Paul Adrian Villareal
  • Marcel Coenen
  • Roel Vink
  • Rene Kroon
  • Roel van Helden

The Lotus Effect  
  1. Seamripper (& The Blanket Statement)
  2. Tip-Toe the Fault-Line
  3. Ashes To Ear
  4. Shades of Hades
  5. Reductio ad Absurdum
  6. On Again / Off Again
  7. Lotus
  8. Pareidolized (The Ocean in the Shell)
  9. Parasol
  10. Wave the Banner
  11. Fish Afraid of Drowning
  12. Moebius Knot
  13. Full Circle
  14. Let it Wash Away (The Lotus Effect)
  • Paul Adrian Villareal
  • Marcel Coenen
  • Daniel Kohn
  • Rene Kroon
  • Roel van Helden

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