Origin: New York, New York, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Page online: November 10, 2006
Last update/review: May 19, 2008

Sun Descends

Sun Descends was formed in 2000 by vocalist Mem Von Stein, onetime singer for the cult German thrash band Exumer. Since his work that that band (on the 1986 album Possessed By Fire) he has lent his hand to several bands of various styles, finally deciding to relocate to New York City and resume his love of old-school thrash metal. A band was put together and a demo recorded in 2001 (later released as an EP, Tide In The Affairs Of Men), but Von Stein decided to recruit an entirely different lineup, the new band releasing an EP in 2004, then a CD compiling both EPs (Tide And Law), followed finally by their first proper full-length album, Incinerating The Meek. Von Stein’s old Exumer roots clearly show here, the focus here being retro punkish thrash metal. It’s a bit raw in places, with a thin production and rather messy drumming marring the overall sound a bit, but Von Stein’s vocals are forceful and the songs are aggressive and energetic.

Last Lineup

Mem Von Stein

vocals (Exumer, ex-Of Rytes)

Kristian Shamash


Lou Cortez


Ko Thunder


Steve Proios


Former Members/Guests

John Monsees


Sam Awry


Jillian Ann La Boy




Javier Medina





Tide In The Affairs Of Men  EP
  1. Third Column
  2. Tide
  3. Dream Flow
  • Mem Von Stein
  • John Monsees
  • Czar

Kanun-Law  EP
  1. Quiet Predator
  2. Repeater of Births
  3. Storm (Interlude)
  4. Kanun
  5. Sacred
  6. A Mortal in Black
  7. Scanner
  8. Silent Death
  • Mem Von Stein
  • Sam Awry
  • Jillian Ann La Boy
  • Javier Medina

  1. Third Column
  2. Tide
  3. Dream Flow
  4. Quiet Predator
  5. Repeater Of Births
  6. Storm (Interlude)
  7. Kanun
  8. Sacred
  9. Intro
  10. A Mortal In Black
  11. Journey To Oblivion
  12. Guitar Solo
  13. Scanners
  14. Shadows Of The Past
  15. Drum Solo
  16. Destructive Solution
  17. Silent Death

Incinerating The Meek  
  1. Angry Male Gods
  2. Presence
  3. Day Rat
  4. Menacing Devils
  5. Intercepting Daggers
  6. Fallen Saint
  7. Broken Seals
  8. The Circle Rises
  9. Third Column
  10. Incinerate Them
  • Mem Von Stein
  • Sam Awry
  • Jillian Ann La Boy
  • Ojayy

The Entropy Formula  
  1. 3 Corners of Hell
  2. Blood Meridian
  3. Entropy No.2
  4. Strike at Will
  5. The God Particle
  6. Skin March
  7. Outlaws of the Marsh
  8. Fields of Fire
  9. Semantic Curses
  10. Gold Steel Form
  • Mem Von Stein
  • Kristian Shamash
  • Lou Cortez
  • Ko Thunder
  • Steve Proios

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