Origin: Norway  
Genres: Black Metal
Last update/review: June 5, 2011


Standard-issue symphonic black metal from this Norwegian band, with a style more or less along the lines of mid-period Dimmu Borgir. All of the ingredients are there, and the end result is well done, just not terribly unique. At this young stage Subliritum are followers rather than leaders, though for this genre one could do far worse.

Current Members

Arcan (Jonas Moen)


Sverre Berntsen


Celtus (Kristian Moen)


Vyl (Vegard Larsen)

drums (Chton, Keep Of Kalessin)

Former Members/Guests

Torbjørn Schei

vocals (Keep Of Kalessin)

Tora Naess



Dark Prophecies  
2003 Evil Horde
  1. Dark Prophecies
  2. The Narrow Path
  3. Fear The Morning To Come
  4. Prelude Of War
  5. Raging Battles
  6. The Predators Hunt
  7. Nocturnal Hunt In The Fields
  8. The Cries Of The Fallen
  • Torbjørn Schei
  • Tora Naess
  • Arcan
  • Sverre Berntsen
  • Celtus
  • Vyl

Dark Side Of You  EP
2004 self-released
  • Arcan
  • Sverre Berntsen
  • Celtus
  • Vyl

A Touch Of Death  

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