Origin: Norway  
Genres: Doomdeath
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Page online: August 23, 2008
Last update/review: January 30, 2010


This Norwegian band was founded in 1993, eventually making its mark with their Silent Seas debut in 1996. At times Silent Seas is squarely in the classic My Dying Bride-inspired doomdeath camp (particularly on those occasions where violins can be heard), while at other times a slightly more aggressive, mid-paced style can be heard. Following the release of that album the band underwent several lineup changes and recorded a few demos, with their second album, Days Of Wrath, finally seeing a release in March 2007.

Current Members

Kenneth Olsen

vocals (ex-Royal Hunt)

Rolv-Erik Berge


Øystein K.


Jan Åge Svendsen


Former Members/Guests

Torbjørn Hatlestad


Noralf Venås

guitars (Helheim)

Nils Inge Bruarøy


Ørjan Setvik


Ørjan Olsen


Adam Suleiman



Silent Seas  
1996 Autonomy
  1. ...Nor The Frail Perception
  2. Jaded Funeral
  3. ...Of Dragons Tears
  4. (As Years Go By In) Silence
  5. A Centenarian Odyssey
  6. Outro: De Doedes Tjern
  • Kenneth Olsen
  • Torbjørn Hatlestad
  • Rolv-Erik Berge
  • Nils Inge Bruarøy
  • Ørjan Olsen

Days Of Wrath  
2007 Ripper
  1. Are You Able to Breathe Fire?
  2. Semper Ardens
  3. The Firm Grip of Death
  4. Stigma Diabolikum
  5. Come Daemons
  6. Nine Fallen Men
  7. A Death Tear
  8. The Twilight Enigma
  • Kenneth Olsen
  • Noralf Venås
  • Rolv-Erik Berge
  • Ørjan Setvik
  • Adam Suleiman

A Dark Burial  
2009 Napalm
  1. Curse The Souls
  2. The River's Rage
  3. A Dark Burial
  4. A Mourners Kiss
  5. In Darkness I Sigh
  6. Ouroboros
  • Kenneth Olsen
  • Rolv-Erik Berge
  • Ørjan Setvik
  • Adam Suleiman

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