Origin: Berkeley, California, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
Page online: June 18, 2021
Last update/review: June 18, 2021

The Ghost Next Door

The Ghost Next Door was founded by Bay Area guitarist Gary Wendt (as the story goes, he found out he lived next door to a haunted house, which gave him the inspiration for the band name). Wendt cut his teeth with thrash acts such as Sacrilege B.C. and Skinlab, but this outfit goes in a quite different direction, bringing alternative, garage doom, and slight grunge influences to the fore, resulting in a more somber, introspective feel, yet with plenty of raw power punctuated by Wendt's powerful and emotive vocals. The diverse influences here put this band slightly off the beaten path, which is never a bad thing.

Current Members

Gary Wendt

guitars/vocals/keyboards (ex-Sacrilege B.C., ex-Skinlab)

Aaron Asghari


Shane Hunt-Dussé


Andy Galeon

drums (Blind Illusion, ex-Death Angel, ex-The Organization, ex-Swarm)

Former Members/Guests

Seanan Gridley


Noah Whitfield


Sean Haeberman


Sebastien Castelain



The Ghost Next Door  
2015 Mausoleum
  1. Forever My Demon
  2. Crickets
  3. All Fall Down
  4. Ten Steps Back
  5. Dead Things
  6. Bully
  7. Eleven o'Clock Blues
  8. Fragile
  9. Famous Last Words
  • Gary Wendt
  • Aaron Asghari
  • Seanan Gridley
  • Sean Haeberman

A Feast For The Sixth Sense  
2019 Ripple
  1. Deadworld
  2. Fodder for the Meat Grinder
  3. Doubt
  4. Event Horizon
  5. American Nightmare
  6. Behind the Mask
  7. LCD
  8. I Am Become Death
  9. The Sacrifice Person
  10. Stop Here On Red
  • Gary Wendt
  • Aaron Asghari
  • Seanan Gridley
  • Noah Whitfield
  • Sebastien Castelain

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