Origin: Italy  
Genres: Black Metal, Industrial
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Page online: February 17, 2006
Last update/review: February 17, 2006

Thee Maldoror Kollective

One of the most original and intriguing post-black-industrial-experimental bands to emerge in years, Thee Maldoror Kollective originated in Italy in the early nineties, going through several changes (both in name and in members) before settling on Maldoror around 1998. As Maldoror, the band released two albums, Ars Magika and In Saturn Mystique, both strongly aligned with traditional Norwegian black metal but with several hints of the changes to come. By 2001 the band had mutated into Thee Maldoror Kollective, with New Era Viral Order released a year later. Here is where the band really starts getting interesting, the album a 50/50 clash between their older black metal style and intense industrial influences. That, in turn, led to the full-on electronica industrial soundscape that is A Clockwork Highway, the band leaving their black metal behind almost completely. These last two albums, though notably different in style, are both outstanding -- this is one of those bands working on their own terms, setting and then exceeding their own boundaries. Black/industrial fans should start with New Era Viral Order and then proceed to Highway, while those really into the esoteric side of extreme music (and are not adverse to heavy sampling, ambient passages, and exotic influences) might want to grab Highway immediately. Who knows where this band will go next. Simply outstanding.

Current Members

Kundahli (Marco Castagnetto)


Norbert Bieber


E.V.A.nghelya (Anna Airoldi)


Former Members/Guests

Ahathoor Zamradiel


Hiems Algor Animae


Rev. Coph-Nia NAOS






Frater Alchemoth Katharian


L.V.X.ifer Ain Sephira


Aradia Hokhma


Drakon (Luca Pasquini)



Ars Magika  
1998 Alkaid
  1. Intro
  2. Visione Prima
  3. Visione Seconda
  4. Visione Terza
  5. Visione Ultima
  6. Outro
  • Kundahli
  • Ahathoor Zamradiel
  • Hiems Algor Animae
  • Frater Alchemoth Katharian
  • Aradia Hokhma
  • Drakon

In Saturn Mystique  
2000 N. Darkness
  1. Intro: The Ain Soph Elevation
  2. E.O.N. Mysteriium (Part I: Eresia / Part II: Solar)
  3. Transcendence; Psychick Continuum Infera
  4. Osiris Elettro Mantrum; (Part I / Part II: Adoneus)
  5. Nera Celebrazione Egoica (I.N.R.I.)
  6. Quinto Arcano; (Part I: Apotheosi / Part II)
  • Kundahli
  • Rev. Coph-Nia NAOS
  • L.V.X.ifer Ain Sephira
  • E.V.A.nghelya
  • Drakon

Mantra  LIVE EP
  1. Osiris Elettro Mantrum
  2. Nera Celebrazione Egoica
  3. Lux Obnubilata
  • Kundahli
  • Rev. Coph-Nia NAOS
  • L.V.X.ifer Ain Sephira
  • E.V.A.nghelya
  • Drakon

New Era Viral Order  
2002 Code666
  1. Xaos DNA Released
  2. Haemorrhage Transmission
  3. Drain-Wound Cosmosis (lera Porneusis)
  4. Rythmagick Disturbamce (Embodiment Cell)
  5. La Flamme Vivant
  6. Rigid Pulse Starfire (93)
  7. The Toxium Discipline (Null Industries)
  8. Slaughter Mass 2002
  9. Epidemic Noise Age (Remix by MZ412)
  • Kundahli
  • X-Trinity
  • L.V.X.ifer Ain Sephira
  • E.V.A.nghelya
  • Drakon

A Clockwork Highway  
2004 Code666
  1. Dopecity
  2. Who Dares To Kill The Lion?
  3. The Hills Have Eyes (feat. Bad Sector)
  4. The Gospel According An Exit Solution
  5. An Affecter Of Change
  6. Primates
  7. Babilonia Café
  • Kundahli
  • H:Kashchej
  • E.V.A.nghelya
  • Drakon

23 Miles BackOn The Clockwork Highway (remixes)  
2005 Code666
  1. Undercity (with Mick Harris)
  2. Recharged Lion (Santa Guerilla)
  3. House Of 1000 Eyes (with H. Nordvargr)
  4. Evangeli6 (Glad You Are Here Mix) (with Cdatakill)
  5. Apotropya (Notte Di Ebola) (with Eraldo Bernocchi)
  6. Bio-Kia Informatiqe (New Primates) (with Jeye)
  7. Babilonia Headbox Switch (with Bad Sector)
  8. Noci(V)ty (Reprisal) (with CHDistrict/Mikrokilla)

Pilot: Man With The Meat Machine  
2006 Code666
  1. Exile (in serenity)
  2. Microphones & Flies
  3. Zombie children do synthetic dreams
  4. Welcome to the golden dove society
  5. The night Mr. Clenchman died
  6. Pilot (pt.1: the modernist matador mansion)
  7. Pilot (pt.2: mauve molls moonlanding)
  8. Pilot (pt.3: man with the meat machine)
  9. A gasoline hero

Themes For Proxima  EP
2007 Foreshadow
  1. Gorilla Move [Grey 01]
  2. Ouranian Tablet [Brown 05]
  3. Tryptamine [Yellow 03]
  4. Io [Magenta 08]
  5. Ouranian Tablet (Little Birds Remix)
  6. Io (Little Birds Remix)
  • Kundahli
  • E.V.A.nghelya

Need The Needle  
  1. The Burglar, the Herdsman & the Jew
  2. Major Problem in Washington DC
  3. A Gibbet Rootwork
  4. The Saigon Reduxes
  5. Clearwater Mumbo Jumbo
  6. 3 Pennies National Messiah
  7. Pushers from Shangri La
  8. Comin' to a Town Near You
  9. From Railroad to Skyline (Tokyo 1975)
  10. The Siamese Eraser
  11. Vita Cruda
  12. Sicilian Lunch
  13. Pink Boogeymen at the Speed of Light
  14. Burn Lucy, Burn
  15. Sorcellerie Bruiriste
  • Kundahli
  • H:Kashchej
  • E.V.A.nghelya

  1. Clarity, oh Open Wound!
  2. An Uncontrollable Moment of High Tide
  3. Cordyceps
  4. Mariguanda
  5. Lhasa & the Naked West
  6. Nirguna
  7. The Ashima Complex
  • Kundahli
  • E.V.A.nghelya

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