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Trees Of Eternity

What began as a one-off collaboration turned into a full-on project, but one that ended far too soon under unfortunate circumstances. Singer Aleah Stanbridge was approached by guitarist Juha Raivio to guest on a song for his band Swallow The Sun in 2009, but the pair decided to branch off into a new band altogether (and start a personal relationship as well). Eventually a proper lineup was formed and an album recorded, but in April 2016 (after the album's completion but before its release) Stanbridge sadly died of cancer. Raivio decided to move forward with releasing the album in tribute to her, and Hour Of The Nightingale was released later that year. The album is less doomdeath-oriented than Raivio's main band and instead more a dark, melancholic doom mold, with Stanbridge's graceful, angelic vocals the focal point, making per passing all the more tragic. Raivio later started another band, Hallatar, in tribute to her, and that band released an album in 2017.

Last Lineup

Aleah Stanbridge


Juha Raivio

guitars (Swallow The Sun)

Fredrik Norrman

guitars (ex-Katatonia, October Tide)

Mattias Norrman

bass (ex-Katatonia, October Tide)

Kai Hahto

drums (guest for Agressor, ex-Enochian Crescent, Nightwish, ex-Rotten Sound, ex-Swallow The Sun, Wintersun)


Hour Of The Nightingale  
2016 Svart
  1. My Requiem
  2. Eye of Night
  3. Condemned to Silence
  4. A Million Tears
  5. Hour of the Nightingale
  6. The Passage
  7. Broken Mirror
  8. Black Ocean
  9. Sinking Ships
  10. Gallows Bird
  • Aleah Stanbridge
  • Juha Raivio
  • Fredrik Norrman
  • Mattias Norrman
  • Kai Hahto

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