Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada  
Genres: Traditional Metal
Page online: July 4, 2010
Last update/review: July 4, 2010

Tales Of Medusa

Talk about a band who's not interested in the all-mighty dollar. This super-secretive Canadian band is basically doing everything they can to not be famous, or even known. From only releasing their material in extremely limited quantities (on vinyl and tape, no less) to avoiding any contact with the Internet, it's quite remarkable how these guys choose to lead their musical lives. According to those who have actually contacted them, the guys are apparently quite content to put out their stuff for free, just for the enjoyment of others. One might expect some jokey band to pull off this kind of anti-image (or perhaps an extreme punk/hardcore band), but that's not what Tales Of Medusa are about at all. Nope, Triumphant Serenade (the only official full-length album, though they've put some demos out as well) is actually quite well crafted, an original foray into 80's influenced classic metal, with tinges of early thrash and a healthy NWOBHM feel. If there was one band that makes for a good reference point (at least at times), it would be later-period Holocaust -- as one example, check out the excellent "Hymn For The Wandering", which would fit perfectly on any of the 90's Holocaust albums. Good luck finding original copies of this obscure gem, but given the band's lack of interest in making money off the recordings themselves, it's probably not heresy to suggest tracking down this on the Internet. This is a fresh take on 80's underground metal, and a huge thumbs-up from this reviewer.

Current Members


Triumphant Serenade  
2007 self-released
  1. The Gate to Tartarus
  2. Lycanthropy
  3. Mourning the Fallen
  4. Hymn for the Wandering
  5. Condemnation and the Path to Eternity
  6. Curse of the Shameful Profigate
  7. Legions of Medusa
  8. Dionysian Procession

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