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Theory Of Ruin

Fudge Tunnel mainman Alex Newport shifted from musician to producer following that band's breakup in 1995, but eventually the itch to be in a band came back to him, and Theory Of Ruin is that band. Counter-Culture Nosebleed, the first release from the band, does have some similarity to Fudge Tunnel, but overall it's less sludgy and more punky and discordant. As vocalist and guitarist, Newport is of course the main focal point, but the rhythm section of Ches Smith and David Link deserve mention, with Link's inventive bass lines and Smith's pounding drumming often providing the main drive of the songs. Short (about 34 minutes) and to the point, this is a pretty good album, and signals a welcome return of Newport to the heavy rock scene. A second EP, Front Line Poster Child, was released in 2004, furthering the punky aspects of the debut.

Last Lineup

Alex Newport

vocals/guitars (ex-Fudge Tunnel, ex-Nailbomb)

David Link


Ches Smith



Counter-Culture Nosebleed  
2002 Escape Artist
  1. Asleep At The Wheel
  2. Missives On A Recurring Theme
  3. A Friendly Reminder
  4. Type A Male
  5. Profiteering
  6. Translate It
  7. Blasted
  • Alex Newport
  • David Link
  • Ches Smith

Front Line Poster Child  EP
2004 Escape Artist
  1. Hijo De Un Guapo
  2. Double Negative
  3. Let's Get Depressed
  4. Interruption
  5. That's Why I Drink Too
  • Alex Newport
  • David Link
  • Ches Smith

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