Origin: Berlin, Germany  
Genres: Doom Metal, Occult Rock
Page online: November 1, 2014
Last update/review: August 16, 2015

The Oath

Wow, this band came and went fast. Apparently formed in 2012, a self-titled album arrived on Rise Above Records in March 2014 to excellent reviews but not a lot of fanfare, and one month later they abruptly announced they were done, and that was it. As evidenced by the cover pic and elsewhere, the stars of the show were vocalist Johanna Sadonis and guitarist Linnéa Olsson (it's really not clear whether any of the guys who played or recorded with the band were proper members or just guests), and it's quite unfortunate that they're already gone as The Oath is quite excellent actually, borrowing liberally from 70's doom rock/metal and with a noticeable occult rock influence (vocals and style-wise, a heavier The Devil's Blood is occasionally a soundalike). Hopefully we haven't seen the last of these women, here or somewhere else, but if not, The Oath makes for a strong statement. (update: Sadonis has moved on to a band called Lucifer).

Last Lineup

Johanna Sadonis

vocals (Lucifer)

Linnéa Olsson

guitars (Sonic Ritual)

Simon Bouteloup

bass (Kadavar)

Andy Prestidge

drums (ex-Angel Witch, ex-Lucifer, Winters)


The Oath  
2014 Rise Above
  1. All Must Die
  2. Silk Road
  3. Night Child
  4. Leaving Together
  5. Black Rainbow
  6. Silver and Dust
  7. Death Delight
  8. In Dream
  9. Psalm 7
  • Johanna Sadonis
  • Linnéa Olsson
  • Simon Bouteloup
  • Andy Prestidge

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