Origin: Finland  
Genres: Power Metal
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Last update/review: April 15, 2016


As melodic speed metal continues to be popular in Europe, bands like Thunderstone continue to emerge. These Finns are another band with an unimaginative name (see Iron Fire, StormHammer, and Firewind for similar examples) and an unoriginal style, in this case a near perfect clone of countrymen Stratovarius and/or Sonata Arctica. There are some highlights here, in particular the individual musicianship displays are impressive (particularly the guitars and keyboards), and the production is predictably fine. But the songs themselves have all been heard before -- they quicken the pace for the Germanic speed metal tunes, slow it down for the ballads, just as one would expect from a band in this style. It's hard to fault a band for a lively and energetic record such as this, but at least some degree of originality would be welcome here. Fans of the aforementioned bands who want more of the same, this is your band.

Current Members

Pasi Rantanen

vocals (ex-Revolution Renaissance)

Nino Laurenne

guitars/backing vocals (ex-Antidote)

Titus Hjelm

bass (ex-Antidote)

Jukka Karinen

keyboards (ex-Kenziner)

Atte Palokangas

drums (Agonizer, Beast In Black, ex-Before The Dawn)

Former Members/Guests

Rick Altzi

vocals (At Vance, Masterplan)

Kari Tornack

keyboards/backing vocals

Mirka Rantanen

drums (ex-Revolution Renaissance, ex-Warmen)


2002 Nuclear Blast
  1. Let the Demons Free
  2. Virus
  3. World's Cry
  4. Me, My Enemy
  5. Will To Power
  6. Weak
  7. Eyes Of A Stranger
  8. Like Father, Like Son
  9. Voice In A Dream
  10. Spread My Wings
  • Pasi Rantanen
  • Nino Laurenne
  • Titus Hjelm
  • Kari Tornack
  • Mirka Rantanen

The Burning  
2004 Nuclear Blast
  1. Until We Touch The Burning Sun
  2. Break The Emotion
  3. Mirror Never Lies
  4. Tin Star Man
  5. Spire
  6. Sea Of Sorrow
  7. Side By Side
  8. Drawn To The Flame
  9. Forth Into The Black
  10. Evil Within
  • Pasi Rantanen
  • Nino Laurenne
  • Titus Hjelm
  • Kari Tornack
  • Mirka Rantanen

Tools Of Destruction  
2005 Nuclear Blast
  1. Tool Of The Devil
  2. Without Wings
  3. Liquid Of The Kings
  4. I Will Come Again
  5. Welcome To The Real
  6. The Last Song
  7. Another Time
  8. Feed The Fire
  9. Weight Of The World
  10. Land Of Innocence
  • Pasi Rantanen
  • Nino Laurenne
  • Titus Hjelm
  • Kari Tornack
  • Mirka Rantanen

Evolution 4.0  
2007 Nuclear Blast
  1. Evolution 0
  2. Forevermore
  3. Roots Of Anger
  4. 10 000 Ways
  5. Holding On To My Pain
  6. Swirled
  7. Down With Me
  8. Face In The Mirror
  9. Solid Ground
  10. The Source
  11. Great Man Down
  • Pasi Rantanen
  • Nino Laurenne
  • Titus Hjelm
  • Kari Tornack
  • Mirka Rantanen

Dirt Metal  
2009 Sony
  1. Rebirth
  2. I Almighty
  3. Dirt Metal
  4. Star
  5. Ghosts Of Youth
  6. Counting Hours
  7. Dodge The Bullet
  8. Deadlights
  9. At The Feet Of Fools
  10. Suffering Songs
  • Rick Altzi
  • Nino Laurenne
  • Titus Hjelm
  • Jukka Karinen
  • Mirka Rantanen

Apocalypse Again  
2016 AFM
  1. Veterans Of The Apocalypse
  2. The Path
  3. Fire And Ice
  4. Through The Pain
  5. Walk Away Free
  6. Higher
  7. Wounds
  8. Days Of Our Lives
  9. Barren Land
  • Pasi Rantanen
  • Nino Laurenne
  • Titus Hjelm
  • Jukka Karinen
  • Atte Palokangas

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