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Page online: June 8, 2004
Last update/review: July 7, 2006


Thyrane was formed in 1994 and as of 2004 had released three albums and an EP, their most recent being the album reviewed here, 2003's Hypnotic. Others have labelled the band as industrial black metal, but to these ears, they aren't really either industrial or black, though some elements of each can be found (no doubt their early work was a bit more black in style). The basic formula on Hypnotic consists of relatively straightforward, mid-paced arrangements, with black vocals and well-executed keyboards that interplay nicely with the guitars There are occasional soundalikes to other bands ("Firework" has a clear Rammstein vibe, other songs sound a bit like a less chaotic ... And Oceans), though not enough to label the band as cloning anyone else. Hypnotic is not a particularly complicated album, and at times the songs tend to a bit samey as they are all played at similar speeds with a similar vocal style, but it's a decently entertaining album.

The band announced its breakup in May 2006.

Last Lineup







Kristonic (T. Kristian)


Former Members/Guests



R. Grönholm


J. Syynimaa


J. Hurula



(MCD) Black Harmony  
1998 Woodcut
  1. Black Harmony
  2. Sacrifires
  3. Enthroned by Antichrist
  4. Satanic Ages Overture
  • Blastmor
  • Avather
  • Daemon
  • R. Grönholm
  • J. Syynimaa

Symphonies Of Infernality  
1999 Woodcut
  1. Intro
  2. In the Shape of a Demon
  3. Satanist
  4. Black Atmospheric Madness
  5. Symphony of Infernality
  6. Envenomed Suicide Angels
  7. Crimson Halls of Blood
  8. Beneath the Banner of the Unholy Satan's Cult
  9. Devil Messiah
  • Blastmor
  • Avather
  • Daemon
  • R. Grönholm
  • J. Syynimaa

The Spirit Of Rebellion  
2000 Spinefarm
  1. Insidious Dream of Inhuman Fear
  2. Soulless and Broken
  3. Chaotic Profane Phenomena
  4. Crushing Defeat of the Triune Godhead
  5. Thy World Inverted
  6. Words of the Prophet
  7. Blindfolded
  • Blastmor
  • Avather
  • Daemon
  • Hannamari
  • J. Syynimaa

2003 Spinefarm
  1. Human Weed
  2. Firework
  3. Glamorama Demystified
  4. Dance In The Air
  5. Armaya
  6. The Symptomatic
  7. Phantasmal Paranoia
  8. Sickening
  9. Of Suns And Flames
  10. Heretic Hunt
  • Blastmor
  • Avather
  • Daemon
  • Hannamari

Travesty Of Heavenly Essence  
2005 Spinefarm
  1. Parasites of Submission
  2. Decay of christian Empire
  3. Travesty of Heavenly Essence
  4. Nox Diaboli
  5. Legacy of Saints in Disguise
  6. Deteriorated
  7. Truth Revealed
  8. Tolerance
  9. Divinity Under Will
  10. Prisoner of Pain
  11. Lost in Reflection
  • Blastmor
  • Daemon
  • Hannamari
  • Kristonic

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