Origin: Austin, Texas, USA  
Genres: Stoner Rock, Instrumental
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Page online: June 17, 2009
Last update/review: February 16, 2015

Tia Carrera

No relation to the actress Tia Carrere (though this band name seems to be a play on her name), Tia Carrera is an instrumental trio hailing from Austin, Texas. Like a lot of so-called stoner metal bands, there are a lot of 70's (and even earlier) influences channelled here, from Hendrix to Sabbath and more, with songs that are long and often with an improvisational feel to them. There's plenty of abstract heaviness here, solos and jams galore, similar to what one would expect from a live setting (another band attempting a somewhat similar style might be Stinking Lizaveta).

Current Members

Jason Morales


Jamey Simms


Erik Conn


Former Members/Guests

Andrew Duplantis



The November Session  
  1. Telepathic Confirmation
  2. Scenic Oversight
  3. As She Sleeps
  4. Doom
  5. J. Bankston Manor
  • Jason Morales
  • Andrew Duplantis
  • Erik Conn

Tia Carrera  
  1. Tones, Levels and THC
  2. Eastside Jive
  3. Carrera!
  4. Valentine's Blues
  5. Countdown, Liftoff
  6. At Altitude
  7. End Transmission
  • Jason Morales
  • Andrew Duplantis
  • Erik Conn

2007 Arclight
  1. Heaven
  2. Hell
  3. End Of Tape
  • Jason Morales
  • Jamey Simms
  • Erik Conn

The Quintessential  
2009 Small Stone
  1. Home
  2. The Unnamed Wholeness
  3. Gypsies
  4. New Orleans
  5. Hazy Winter
  • Jason Morales
  • Andrew Duplantis
  • Erik Conn

Cosmic Priestess  EP
2011 Small Stone
  1. Slave Cylinder
  2. Sand, Stone and Pearl
  3. Saturn Missile Battery
  4. A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing
  • Jason Morales
  • Jamey Simms
  • Erik Conn

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