Origin: Orlando, Florida, USA  
Genres: Metalcore
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Last update/review: October 23, 2021


Trivium are a still-young band making big strides in the metal world. The Floridians debuted in 2003 with From Ember To Inferno, an accomplished (if typical) metalcore album that at times drew comparisons to bands such as Killswitch Engage or Shadows Fall, with vocalist Matt Heafy performing the usual shouting while mixing in a few clean harmonized chorus lines. Perhaps sensing the glut of metalcore bands that were (and still are) coming out of the woodwork, Trivium has taken some steps away from that genre, as evidenced on their next two releases, particularly 2006's The Crusade. Heafy has traded in his standard metalcore shouting for a vocal style that closely resembles James Hetfield, at times frighteningly so. And that's not the only comparison to Metallica, as the songwriting often borrows liberally from prime Metallica thrash, though there are still areas where a more modern riff comes through. The resulting marriage of 80's thrash and modern sensabilities might well propel this band to superstardom.

Current Members

Matt Heafy

vocals/guitars (Capharnaum)

Cory Beaulieu


Paolo Gregoletto


Alex Bent

drums (ex-Battlecross, Dragonlord)

Former Members/Guests

Brent Young

bass RIP: September 25, 2020, age 37

Travis Smith


Nick Augusto


Matt Madiro (guest)



From Ember To Inferno  
2003 Lifeforce
  1. Inception, The Bleeding Skies
  2. Pillars Of Serpents
  3. If I Could Collapse The Masses
  4. Fugue (A Revelation)
  5. Requiem
  6. Ember To Inferno
  7. Ashes (Instrumental)
  8. To Burn The Eye
  9. Falling To Grey
  10. My Hatred
  11. When All Light Dies
  12. A View Of Burning Empires
  13. The Sin And The Sentence
  14. Beyond Oblivion
  15. Other Worlds
  16. The Heart From Your Hate
  17. Betrayer
  18. The Wretchedness Inside
  19. Endless Night
  20. Sever The Hand
  21. Beauty In The Sorrow
  22. The Revanchist
  23. Thrown Into The Fire
  • Matt Heafy
  • Brent Young
  • Travis Smith

2005 Roadrunner
  1. The End Of Everything
  2. Rain
  3. Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr
  4. Drowned And Torn Asunder
  5. Ascendancy
  6. A Gunshsot To The Head Of Trepidation
  7. Like Light To The Flies
  8. Dying In Your Arms
  9. The Deceived
  10. Suffocating Sight
  11. Departure
  12. Declaration
  • Matt Heafy
  • Cory Beaulieu
  • Paolo Gregoletto
  • Travis Smith
2005 Readers' Album #24

The Crusade  
2006 Roadrunner
  1. Ignition
  2. Detonation
  3. Entrance of the Conflagration
  4. Anthem (We are the Fire)
  5. Unrepentant
  6. And Sadness Will Sear
  7. Becoming the Dragon
  8. To The Rats
  9. This World Can't Tear Us Apart
  10. Tread the Floods
  11. Contempt Breeds Contamination
  12. The Rising
  13. The Crusade
  • Matt Heafy
  • Cory Beaulieu
  • Paolo Gregoletto
  • Travis Smith
2006 Readers' Album #18

2008 Roadrunner
  1. Kirisute Gomen
  2. Torn Between Scylla And Charybdis
  3. Down From The Sky
  4. Insurrection
  5. Into The Mouth Of Hell We March
  6. Throes Of Perdition
  7. He Who Spawned the Furies
  8. Of Prometheus And The Crucifix
  9. The Calamity
  10. Like Callisto To A Star In Heaven
  11. Shogun
  • Matt Heafy
  • Cory Beaulieu
  • Paolo Gregoletto
  • Travis Smith
2008 Readers' Album #20

In Waves  
2011 Roadrunner
  1. Capsizing The Sea
  2. In Waves
  3. Inception Of The End
  4. Watch The World Burn
  5. Dusk Dismantled
  6. Black
  7. Built To Fall
  8. Caustic Are the Ties That Bind
  9. A Skyline's Severance
  10. Forsake Not the Dream
  11. Chaos Reigns
  12. Of All These Yesterdays
  13. Leaving This World Behind
  • Matt Heafy
  • Cory Beaulieu
  • Paolo Gregoletto
  • Nick Augusto
2011 Readers' Album #42

Vengeance Falls  
2013 Roadrunner
  1. Brave This Storm
  2. Vengeance Falls
  3. Strife
  4. No Way To Heal
  5. To Believe
  6. At The End Of This War
  7. Through Blood And Dirt And Bone
  8. Villainy Thrives
  9. Incineration: The Broken World
  10. Wake (The End Is Nigh)
  • Matt Heafy
  • Cory Beaulieu
  • Paolo Gregoletto
  • Nick Augusto
2013 Readers' Album #66

Silence In The Snow  
2015 Roadrunner
  1. Snøfall
  2. Silence In The Snow
  3. Blind Leading The Blind
  4. Dead And Gone
  5. The Ghost That's Haunting You
  6. Pull Me From The Void
  7. Until The World Goes Cold
  8. Rise Above The Tides
  9. The Thing That's Killing Me
  10. Beneath The Sun
  11. Breathe In The Flames
  • Matt Heafy
  • Cory Beaulieu
  • Paolo Gregoletto
  • Matt Madiro

The Sin And The Sentence  
2017 Roadrunner
  • Matt Heafy
  • Cory Beaulieu
  • Paolo Gregoletto
  • Alex Bent
2017 Readers' Album #44

What The Dead Men Say  
2020 Roadrunner
  1. IX
  2. What the Dead Men Say
  3. Catastrophist
  4. Amongst the Shadows and the Stones
  5. Bleed into Me
  6. The Defiant
  7. Sickness unto You
  8. Scattering the Ashes
  9. Bending the Arc to Fear
  10. The Ones We Left Behind
  • Matt Heafy
  • Cory Beaulieu
  • Paolo Gregoletto
  • Alex Bent

In The Court Of The Dragon  
2021 Roadrunner
  1. X
  2. In the Court of the Dragon
  3. Like a Sword over Damocles
  4. Feast of Fire
  5. A Crisis of Revelation
  6. The Shadow of the Abattoir
  7. No Way Back Just Through
  8. Fall into Your Hands
  9. From Dawn to Decadence
  10. The Phalanx
  • Matt Heafy
  • Cory Beaulieu
  • Paolo Gregoletto
  • Alex Bent

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