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Genres: Industrial
Last update/review: January 22, 2004


In the mid-nineties, Rob Halford was a man in search of a direction. He had disbanded his previous band Fight (formed following his well-publicized departure from the mighty Judas Priest), had professed a lack of interest in metal, and wanted to do something different. The result was Two, a collaboration between himself and then-unknown guitarist John Lowery and an experiment into the world of industrial/electronic music. The band attracted the attention of Trent Reznor, who signed the band to his Nothing label and was named executive producer for their only album, 1997's Voyeurs. Not surprisingly, Nine Inch Nails influences are numerous here, particularly on tracks such as "If" and "Water's Leaking". Halford himself occasionally sounded like the Halford of old but at other times was almost unrecognizeable, employing the soft-singing style of Reznor and others in this field. Voyeurs didn't seem to garner much interest, as traditional metal fans knew this wouldn't be their cup of tea, and Two the band was never heard from again. Halford eventually returned to the metal field with his own band Halford (and now is back in Priest), relegating Two to rarely mentioned footnote status.

Last Lineup

Rob Halford

vocals (ex-Fight, ex-Halford, Judas Priest)

John Lowery

guitars/bass (ex-Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie)


1997 Nothing
  1. I Am a Pig
  2. Stutter Kiss
  3. Water's Leaking
  4. My Ceiling's Low
  5. Leave Me Alone
  6. If
  7. Deep in the Ground
  8. Hey, Sha la La
  9. Wake Up
  10. Gimp
  11. Bed of Rust
  • Rob Halford
  • John Lowery

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