Origin: Stuttgart, Germany  
Genres: 80's Metal
Page online: February 19, 2005
Last update/review: February 21, 2005

Tyran Pace

Tyran Pace was one of the earlier bands of vocalist Ralf Scheepers (now in Primal Fear), and even here his Halford-esque vocals were in fine form. The album reviewed here, 1985's Long Live Metal, is a pretty decent 80's metal romp, with Judas Priest and Accept perhaps the greatest influences, along with a healthy dose of NWOBHM rawness. The band dissolved in the late eighties when Scheepers left for Gamma Ray, but a decade later a new album appeared, oddly enough featuring not one member from any previous lineup (apparently guitarist Oliver Kaufmann relinquished the rights to the band name to the new members). That version of the band eventually metamorphosed into Fallen 2 Pieces, with at least one album recorded under that name.

Last Lineup

Michael Dees


Fabian Schwarz

guitars (Consfearacy, ex-Stormwitch)

Jochen Issing


Alex Schmidt

keyboards (ex-Stormwitch)

Rüz Löser


Former Members/Guests

Ralf Scheepers

vocals (ex-Gamma Ray, Primal Fear)

Oliver Kaufmann


Michael D. Young


Calo Rapallo


Dawor Sertic


Andreas Ahues


Edgar Patrick

drums (ex-Sinner)

Andy Fallscheer



Eye To Eye  
  1. Highway Knights
  2. Knives And Bones
  3. Black Leather Beauty
  4. Let It Rock
  5. Fight Forever
  6. Eye To Eye
  7. State Of Kind
  8. Come Get It
  9. Leave Me Tonight
  • Ralf Scheepers
  • Oliver Kaufmann
  • Michael D. Young
  • Andreas Ahues
  • Edgar Patrick

Long Live Metal  
1985 Noise
  1. Shockwaves
  2. Red Sweat
  3. Play All Night
  4. Law And Order
  5. Wheels Of Love
  6. Hot To Rock
  7. Shake Down
  8. Night of The Wolves
  9. Raid The Victims
  10. Killers On The Highway
  • Ralf Scheepers
  • Oliver Kaufmann
  • Calo Rapallo
  • Andreas Ahues
  • Edgar Patrick

Watching You  
1986 Noise
  1. Saints Of Rock
  2. Cry Out
  3. Hands In The Air
  4. Criminal
  5. Matter Of Time
  6. Get Down
  7. Madness
  8. Fire In Your Eyes
  9. We Are Strong
  • Ralf Scheepers
  • Oliver Kaufmann
  • Dawor Sertic
  • Andreas Ahues
  • Andy Fallscheer

Take A Seat In The High Row  
1998 B.O.
  1. The Day Before The Day After
  2. Gone With The Secret
  3. Motor Of Society
  4. Answers
  5. Follow Me
  6. A Penny For Your Thoughts
  7. Your Second Me
  8. This Story
  9. Lake Of Shit
  10. Eternity
  11. Feeling VS Time
  • Michael Dees
  • Fabian Schwarz
  • Jochen Issing
  • Alex Schmidt
  • Rüz Löser

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