Origin: Pleasanton, California, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Page online: June 30, 2017
Last update/review: June 30, 2017


Tyrannicide sprung from the fertile 80's Californian thrash scene and released the neatly-titled God Save The Scene in 1989. Speedy, aggressive, and inventive at times, but there were just too many thrash bands releasing albums at the end of the 80's. They released a single in 1992 and were done after that, though Tim Narducci was later seen in Systematic and also the post-Forbidden hard rock band Spiralarms.

Last Lineup

Jeff Hill


Tim Narducci

vocals/guitars (ex-Systematic)

Vincent Turner


Mike Serafin



God Save The Scene  
  1. Hiding Under White
  2. Nails on the Chalkboard
  3. Was It Worth It?
  4. Think for Yourself
  5. One That I Am
  6. Facing Reality
  7. Denial (Of Hate)
  8. Drink, Drive and Die
  9. Peer Pressure
  10. Pull the Plug
  11. Inner Peace / Holy War
  12. By His Own Hand
  • Jeff Hill
  • Tim Narducci
  • Vincent Turner
  • Mike Serafin

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