Origin: USA  
Genres: Power Metal, Thrash Metal
Last update/review: July 28, 2020

Vortex Of Insanity

Vortex Of Insanity's Social Decay was a heavy, late-80's styled power/thrash metal album, a bit left of center of the typical Hellhound doom metal of the time. The band had numerous ties to another Maryland band, Indestroy, and in fact the styles of the two bands are not radically different, except that Indestroy is more thrash-based. The band quickly disappeared and then re-emerged several years later, but never recorded again.

Last Lineup

Zak Campbell


Steve Chapman


Danny Kenyon

guitars (ex-Life Beyond)

Cougin (Rob Brannigan)

drums (ex-Indestroy)


Social Decay  
1994 Hellhound
  1. The End Is Nigh
  2. Social Decay
  3. What You Get
  4. Immoral Standing
  5. CIA
  6. The Zone
  7. Shut Up
  8. Thorzine
  9. Assimilation
  10. Misfit of Society
  • Zak Campbell
  • Steve Chapman
  • Danny Kenyon
  • Cougin

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