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Genres: Industrial
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Page online: April 30, 2008
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Violent Work Of Art

Violent Work Of Art have been around awhile, with releases of various forms as far back as 1995, though several of those releases are of the demo variety. Reviewed here is 2005's The Worst Is Yet To Come, apparently the CD release combining the demo of the same name along with an earlier demo entitled C.O.M.A.. The style is the now-familiar techno-industrial sound, with driving guitars, well-programmed drums, and assorted keyboard/sound-effect flourishes. The vocals are a bit harsh, Magnus Karlsson pretty much violently screaming at the top of his lungs throughout, rendering some of the songs a bit monotonous. There's potential here, with this genre established but still growing, but a different vocal approach (or, at least, a toning down of the current approach) would help.

Current Members

Magnus Karlsson

vocals (ex-Last Tribe, ex-Midnight Sun, Primal Fear)

Anders Gyllensten


Tobias Eng


Viktor Eng


Maria Simonsson



Breeding Dance  
1996 Download
  1. Another dream
  2. Poisoned
  3. Grindstone
  4. Written in blood
  5. Within
  6. Unemotional
  7. Melt
  8. Failure
  9. Worm
  10. Strange play

The Worse Is Yet To Come  
2005 Swedmetal
  1. Different problem, same solution
  2. Reasons to hate
  3. The worst is yet to come
  4. Wasted
  5. Sharing my disease
  6. C.O.M.A.
  7. Divine
  8. Naked
  9. Wars to win, and wars to lose

Automated Species  
2007 Swedmetal
  1. As The Sky Comes Falling Down
  2. A Sad Creation
  3. Deranged
  4. Stains
  5. Silence Is The Enemy
  6. Scars
  7. Requiem (For Myself)
  8. Misery Loves You
  9. Lord Of Flies
  10. Scarecrow 2006
  • Magnus Karlsson
  • Anders Gyllensten
  • Tobias Eng
  • Viktor Eng
  • Maria Simonsson

Tales Of Distortion  
  1. Happy With My Pain
  2. Simpleton
  3. Bi-Polar
  4. Backstabber
  5. Redemption
  6. The Reaping

The Dark Within  

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