Origin: Portugal  
Genres: Progressive Metal
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Page online: November 27, 2014
Last update/review: November 27, 2014

Vertigo Steps

Vertigo Steps is a band/project led by Portuguese musician Bruno A., who once was part of the cult band Arcane Wisdom. Here he teams up with countryman Daniel Cardoso (who's had his hand in many a Portuguese metal band) and Finnish vocalist Niko Mankinen, and as of this writing have released two albums, a self-titled effort in 2008 and The Melancholy Hour in 2010. Perhaps the best way to describe the style on The Melancholy Hour is a less metallic, more progressive version of Katatonia -- this is not to say that Katanonia is the only influence or soundalike on display, but that band's dark stylings are similar to what's found here. The songs are lush, mature, well-constructed, and heartfelt, all hallmarks of progressive rock/metal done right. Prog fans would do well to check these guys out.

Current Members

Niko Mankinen

vocals (ex-Misery Inc.)

Bruno A.


Daniel Cardoso

drums/bass (Anathema, ex-Head Control System, ex-Sirius)

Former Members/Guests

Alexandre Ribeiro

bass (Earth Electric)


Vertigo Steps  
  1. Steps To Vertigo (In Through)
  2. Vultures In My Dying Bed
  3. The Swarming Process
  4. Fire Eaters
  5. Serpent's Irony
  6. Scarheart
  7. The Gruesome Smile
  8. Pain Inc.
  9. I Of The Storm
  10. Synapse (Sleepwalking Metaphorms)
  • Niko Mankinen
  • Bruno A.
  • Alexandre Ribeiro
  • Daniel Cardoso

The Melancholy Hour  
  1. The Spider & The Weaving
  2. Vacant Stare
  3. Desperation Lair
  4. Inhale
  5. Silentground
  6. Under Burning Waters (I Resurrect)
  7. Reel World
  8. Through Sham Lenses
  9. Red Haze
  10. Redemption River, Dividing Ocean
  11. Sweet, Sweet Rain (bonus)
  12. Burial Light
  • Niko Mankinen
  • Bruno A.
  • Daniel Cardoso

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