Origin: USA  
Genres: Hard Rock
Last update/review: April 14, 2003


Vertex were a curious metal/hard rock band that brought together three unlikely members, that being former Ratt vocalist Stephen Pearcy, respected guitarist Al Pitrelli (late of Megadeth and Savatage) and an otherwise unknown Japanese techno guy in Hiro Kuretani. The marriage of commercial hard rock and industrialism (drum programming, sampling, processed vocals) is intriguing, and though there's a bit of a lack of direction here, the album did show some potential. This was not a well-publicized project even when it was active and all mention of it disappeared promptly after the album's release.

Last Lineup

Stephen Pearcy


Al Pitrelli

guitars/bass/keyboards (ex-Megadeth, Savatage)

Hiro Kuretani



1996 Caroline
  1. Follow
  2. One Like A Son
  3. Synthetic Flesh
  4. F.T.W.
  5. Time And Time
  6. Is Justice Your Peace
  7. Fight
  8. Ain't Gonna Be
  9. Mother Mary
  10. Core (Ver. 0)
  • Stephen Pearcy
  • Al Pitrelli
  • Hiro Kuretani

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