Origin: San Francisco, California, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Last update/review: June 3, 2012


Arguably best known as a former band of Robb Flynn, Vio-lence was one of the mainstays of the SF Bay Area thrash fraternity of the late eighties, with a consistent style in the Exodus or Forbidden mold. The band broke up shortly after the release of their fourth album (1993's Nothing To Gain), with Flynn emerging in the very successful Machine Head a year later. The band reunited in late 2001, initially planning only a few shows as part of the tribute to Testament's Chuck Billy, but things went better than expected and the band decided to reunite, with the classic lineup save guitarist Troy Fua replacing Flynn. Ironically, it was Flynn who replaced Fua in an earlier incarnation of the band. In April 2003 the band's second guitarist, Phil Demmel, joined Flynn in Machine Head as a fulltime member after previously serving there as a temporary guitarist. Finally, 2006 saw the release of the Blood And Dirt DVD, after which Demmel said there were no plans for any more releases or reunions.

Last Lineup

Sean Killian


Bobby Gustafson

guitars (ex-Cycle Sluts From Hell, ex-Overkill, ex-Response Negative, ex-Skrew)

Phil Demmel

guitars (BPMD, Machine Head, ex-Technocracy, ex-Torque)

Christian Olde Wolbers

bass (Arkaea, ex-Fear Factory, ex-Devin Townsend)

Perry Strickland


Former Members/Guests

Robb Flynn

guitars (Machine Head)

Dean Dell



Eternal Nightmare  
1988 Mechanic
  1. Eternal nightmare
  2. Serial killer
  3. Phobophobia
  4. Calling in the coroner
  5. T.D.S. (Take it as you will)
  6. Bodies on bodies
  7. Kill on command
  • Sean Killian
  • Robb Flynn
  • Phil Demmel
  • Dean Dell
  • Perry Strickland

Oppressing The Masses  
1990 Atlantic
  1. Profit
  2. Officer Nice
  3. Subterfuge
  4. Engulfed by flames
  5. World in a world
  6. Mentally afflicted
  7. Liquid courage
  8. Oppressing the masses
  • Sean Killian
  • Robb Flynn
  • Phil Demmel
  • Dean Dell
  • Perry Strickland
1990 Readers' Album #35

Torture Tactics  EP
1991 Caroline
  1. Torture Tactics
  2. Officer Nice (Live)
  3. Gutterslut
  4. Dicks Of Death
  • Sean Killian
  • Robb Flynn
  • Phil Demmel
  • Dean Dell
  • Perry Strickland

Nothing To Gain  
1993 Bleeding Heart
  1. Atrocity
  2. Twelve Gauge Justice
  3. Ageless Eyes
  4. Pain Of Pleasure/Virtues Of Vice
  5. Killing My Words
  6. Psuchotic Memories
  7. No Chains
  8. Welcoming Party/This Is System
  9. Colour Of Life
  • Sean Killian
  • Robb Flynn
  • Phil Demmel
  • Dean Dell
  • Perry Strickland

Blood And Dirt  VIDEO
2006 Megaforce

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