Origin: Kalix, Sweden  
Genres: Power Metal
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Last update/review: May 19, 2017


Another up-and-coming Swedish power metal band, Viperine features three former members of Winterlong, who released an album in 2002 before something caused the trio to leave, with that band's guitarist carrying on with a new lineup. The ex-Winterlong guys hooked up with a promising new guitarists, named themselves Viperine, and became the first signing of Metal Rules Records, the new label formed by the guys in charge of the respected Metal-Rules.com website, with their debut album, The Predator Awakens, released in 2004. Metal Rules (the magazine) frequently champions true metal bands, and so this signing isn't much of a surprise, as speedy Euro power metal is the order of the day, with the occasional nod to recent Manowar in places (though, to these ears, not as much as others seem to think) along with the usual influences. Some of the Manowar comparisons might be due to vocalist Hussni Mörsare, who does at times sound like a more throaty, less powerful version of Eric Adams. At times his vocals fit well (particularly given the abundance of high-pitched, overly melodic vocalists in the genre), though at times his voice is a bit strained. Guitarist Payre Kankanranta was a find, a flashy virtuoso in the making, though he left the band some time after the recording of the album. In general, this is pretty typical stuff, with not a lot of surprises but certainly performing speedy power metal well. This band isn't quite the saviour of power metal as some reviews seem to imply, but Predator is an above-average offering. There has been very little reports from the band since Payre's departure in 2004.

Last Lineup

Hussni Mörsare

vocals (ex-Winterlong)

Pär Kankanranta

guitars (Atomkraft)

Erik Tornberg

bass (ex-Winterlong)

Mathias Lind



The Predator Awakens  
2004 Metal-Rules
  1. Like a Viper
  2. Obsession
  3. No Longer Kinsmen
  4. Heartblood
  5. Fire, Wind and Rain
  6. Pure Evil
  7. Principles
  8. Payback
  9. Reptiles
  10. Prelude to the Hunter
  11. I am the Hunter
  • Hussni Mörsare
  • Pär Kankanranta
  • Erik Tornberg
  • Mathias Lind

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