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Genres: Hard Rock
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Page online: May 19, 2009
Last update/review: February 15, 2021

Voodoo Circle

Voodoo Circle is a project led by Silent Force guitarist Alex Beyrodt, with a debut self-titled album released at the end of 2008. This is stylish, mature, 70's-influenced hard rock/metal, with Rainbow a clear influece in many areas (vocals, keyboards, song structures). Beyrodt's an impressive guitarist, and he's brought in some excellent musicians to help out, including old friend Mat Sinner on bass and Pink Cream 69's David Readman on vocals. Quite well done for a debut, this could be a new beginning for Beyrodt and friends.

Current Members

David Readman

vocals (ex-Adagio, ex-Almanac, Pink Cream 69, ex-Tank (Tucker/Evans version))

Alex Beyrodt

guitars (ex-Jorn, Primal Fear, Silent Force, ex-Sinner)

Mat Sinner (Mattias Lasch)

bass (ex-Jorn, Primal Fear, Silent Force, Sinner)

Markus Kullmann

drums (Sinner)

Former Members/Guests

Herbie Langhans

vocals (Firewind, ex-Seventh Avenue, ex-Sinbreed)

Jimmy Kresic


Alessandro Del Vecchio

keyboards (Jorn, Vanden Plas)

Mel Gaynor

drums (ex-Samson)

Tim Husung


Francesco Jovino

drums (ex-Primal Fear, ex-Sinner, ex-U.D.O.)


Voodoo Circle  
2008 AFM
  1. Spewing Lies
  2. Desperate Heart
  3. Kingdom of the Blind
  4. Man and Machine
  5. Master of Illusion
  6. We'll Never Learn
  7. Dream of Eden
  8. Heaven Can Wait
  9. Angels Will Cry
  10. Enter My World of Darkness
  11. White Lady Requiem
  • David Readman
  • Alex Beyrodt
  • Mat Sinner
  • Jimmy Kresic
  • Mel Gaynor

Broken Heart Syndrome  
2011 AFM
  1. No Solution Blues
  2. King Of Your Dreams
  3. Devil's Daughter
  4. This Could Be Paradise
  5. Broken Heart Syndrome
  6. When Destiny Calls
  7. Blind Man
  8. Heal My Pain
  9. The Heavens Are Burning
  10. Don't Take My Heart
  11. I'm In Heaven
  12. Wings Of Fury
  • David Readman
  • Alex Beyrodt
  • Mat Sinner
  • Jimmy Kresic
  • Markus Kullmann

More Than One Way Home  
2013 AFM
  1. Graveyard City
  2. Tears In The Rain
  3. Heart Of Babylon
  4. Cry For Love
  5. Alissa
  6. The Ghost In Your Heart
  7. Bane Of My Existence
  8. More Than One Way Home
  9. The Killer In You
  10. The Saint And The Sinner
  11. Victim Of Love
  12. Open Your Eyes
  • David Readman
  • Alex Beyrodt
  • Mat Sinner
  • Jimmy Kresic
  • Markus Kullmann

Whisky Fingers  
2015 AFM
  1. Trapped in Paradise
  2. Heartbreaking Woman
  3. Watch and Wait (I Got My Eye on You)
  4. Medicine Man
  5. The Day the Walls Came Down
  6. Heart of Stone
  7. Straight Shooter
  8. The Rhythm of My Heart
  9. Devil Takes Me Down
  10. 5 O'Clock
  11. Been Said and Done
  • David Readman
  • Alex Beyrodt
  • Mat Sinner
  • Alessandro Del Vecchio
  • Tim Husung

Raised On Rock  
2018 AFM
  1. Running Away From Love
  2. Higher Love
  3. Walk On The Line
  4. You Promised Me Heaven
  5. Just Take My Heart
  6. Where Is The World We Love
  7. Ultimate Sin
  8. Chase Me Away
  9. Unknown Stranger
  10. Dreamchaser
  11. Love Is An Ocean
  12. Time For The Innocent (bonus track on digipak)
  13. There's More To See (bonus track on digipak)
  • Herbie Langhans
  • Alex Beyrodt
  • Mat Sinner
  • Francesco Jovino

Locked & Loaded  
2021 AFM
  1. Flesh & Bone
  2. Wasting Time
  3. Magic Women Chile
  4. Locked & Loaded
  5. Devil With An Angel Smile
  6. Straight For The Heart
  7. Eyes Full Of Tears
  8. Trouble In The Moonlight
  9. This Song Is For You
  10. Children Of The Revolution
  • David Readman
  • Alex Beyrodt
  • Mat Sinner
  • Markus Kullmann

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