Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Black Metal
Page online: September 27, 2004
Last update/review: October 10, 2004


One of the most bizarro black metal bands ever, Vondur was a short-lived project featured the pair of All and It, who were also the core of Ophthalamia and Abruptum. Even without hearing a single note, there are several clues as to how warped these guys were, such as featuring Darth Vader one one album cover, covering an Elvis song on another, and so forth. And then there's the music. Their only full-length album, Stridsyfirlysing, is just plain strange, featuring raw, primitive old-style black metal with a buzzy guitar tone and guttural vocals (apparently singing in Icelandic?), alongside assorted keyboard interludes and general weirdness. Then came the EP, The Galactic Rock'n'Roll Empire, featuring strange cover versions (Elvis and Motley Crue!) and more strangeness. Some have written that Vondur was all about making fun of the serious black metal scene, and it's hard to tell if this is true or not, though it does make some sense. As with any left-field band, Vondur has its small core of followers amongst a larger set of people who just aren't going to comprehend them. An oddity to say the least. The duo later retired from the music scene, with It eventually moving on to the quite different 8thSin.

Last Lineup

All (Jim Berger)

vocals (ex-Abruptum, ex-Ophthalamia)

It (Tony Särkkä)

guitars/bass (ex-8thSin, ex-Abruptum, ex-Ophthalamia) RIP: February 14, 2017, age 45


1995 Necropolis
  1. Kynning- (Invaldnir Et Het)
  2. Dreptu Allur
  3. Uppunl Vonsku
  4. Kynning- Fjordj Riku
  5. Fjordi Rikins Uppgangur
  6. I Eldut og Dhrumur
  7. Vondur
  8. Hrafins augn er sem speglar a boini Satans Svatta Salur
  9. Eltt Bergmal Ur Framtilinnar Dagar
  10. Kirkjur Skola Brenna
  11. Sigurskrift
  12. Gud er Dainn
  13. Ekki Krist- Opinberun 1 & II
  14. Eg Daemi Oss til Dauda
  15. Ekkl Nein Verdur Saklaus
  16. Beitir Hnifar Skera Djupur
  17. Hofdingi Satan
  • All
  • It

The Galactic Rock'n'Roll Empire  EP
1996 Necropolis
  1. Kill Everyone (Dreptu Allur)
  2. You Don't Move Me (I Don't Give A Fuck)
  3. Rocka Rolla
  4. Red Hot
  5. Love Me Tender
  6. Panzer Legions Of Vondur
  7. The Raven's Eyes Are As Mirrors On The Bottom Of Satan's Black Halls (Hrafnins Er Sem Speglar À Botni Af Satans Svarta Salar)
  • All
  • It

No Compromise  COMPILATION
2011 Osmose
  1. Kynning - Einvaldnir er Her
  2. Dreptu Allur
  3. Uppruni Vonsku
  4. Kynning - Fjórði Ríku
  5. Fjórði Ríkins Uppgangur
  6. I Eldur og Ðrumur
  7. Vondur
  8. Hrafnins Auga er sem Speglar á Botni af Satans Svarta Salur
  9. Eitt Bergmál ur Framtiðinnar Dagar
  10. Kirkjur Skola Brenna
  11. Sigurskrift
  12. Guð er Dáinn
  13. Ekki krist - Opinberun I & II
  14. Èg Daemi Oss til Dauða
  15. Ekki Nein Verður Saklaus
  16. Beitir Hnifar Skera Djupur
  17. Höfðingi Satan
  18. Disc 2
  19. Kill Everyone
  20. You Don’t Move Me, I Don’t Give a Fuck
  21. Rocka Rolla
  22. Red Hot
  23. Love Me Tender
  24. Panzer Legions of Vondur
  25. The Ravens Eyes are as Mirrors on the Bottom of Satans Black Halls
  26. Uppruni Vonsku
  27. Eitt Bergmál ur Framtiðinnar Dagar
  28. Èg Daemi Oss til Dauða

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