Origin: Jersey City, New York, USA  
Genres: Power Metal
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The origins of Vyndykator trace back to another New Jersey band, Attacker. An eighties outfit, Attacker had been disbanded for many years, but in 2001 two different lineups were formed touting themselves as the reformed Attacker, one led by vocalist Bob Mitchell and the other led by other former members. After some rumblings about which band was the real Attacker, the Mitchell-led group decided to change name, and Vyndykator was officially born. In due time a debut album, Heaven Sent From Hell, was released. Very much an 80's-inspired album and in fact not too far removed from prime Attacker in style, Heaven is enjoyable enough though a bit rough around the edges.

As it turns out, the Attacker members resolved their differences, with the result being that Mitchell joined the now-officially-reformed Attacker. At the time the band stated they would continue, but little has been heard from them since, save the unfortunate passing of one of their guitarists.

Last Lineup

Bob Mitchell

vocals (ex-Alchemy X, ex-Attacker, Sleepy Hollow)

Rob Oriani

guitars RIP: November 19, 2006, heart attack, age 40

Bill Pena


Steven Ratchen


John Caton


John Cona



Heaven Sent From Hell  
2002 Unisound
  1. Eternal Rest
  2. Bloodstained Gallows
  3. Rot In The Chamber
  4. Tapping The Vein
  5. Mr Murder
  6. Flight Of The Wombat
  7. Deceiver
  • Bob Mitchell
  • Rob Oriani
  • Bill Pena
  • Steven Ratchen
  • John Caton
  • John Cona

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