Origin: Canada  
Genres: 70's Metal
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Warpig is a lost gem, the 1970 self-titled album from an obscure band from Ontario, Canada. Like many of these prehistoric early-seventies bands that are often mentioned as originators (or, at least, ancestors) of metal, Warpig doesn't have much in common with today's metal, as Black Sabbath was just getting started, and these guys weren't that heavy at all. On the other hand, there are some similarities to bands such as early Deep Purple or perhaps Budgie, along with a dash of very early Blue Oyster Cult (check out "Rock Star" for an example), making for a pretty nice little album. The band broke up during the recording of their second album in 1973, but around 2005 the original foursome got back together, and amazingly, the followup album, That Pillar Of Fire, was released in 2007, only 37 years after the debut, which must be a record for the longest stretch between album releases for a band.

Last Lineup

Rick Donmoyer


Dana Snitch


Terry Brett


Terry Hook



1970 Foothill
  1. Flaggit
  2. Tough Nuts (Melody With Balls)
  3. Advance in A Minor
  4. Rock Star
  5. Sunflight
  6. UXIB
  7. The Moth
  • Rick Donmoyer
  • Dana Snitch
  • Terry Brett
  • Terry Hook

Warpig  RE-ISSUE
2006 Relapse

That Pillar Of Fire  
2007 Relapse
  • Rick Donmoyer
  • Dana Snitch
  • Terry Brett
  • Terry Hook

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