Origin: Hungary  
Genres: Gothic Metal
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Last update/review: February 8, 2015

Without Face

Without Face is one of the few Hungarian bands to win an international contract, signing to Earache in 2002 following a debut album in 2000. Astronomicon, the band's second album and first for Earache, is a lush mixture of Dream Theater-ish progressive metal and the darker tones of European gothic metal. The band features a pair of vocalists, with Juliette providing some wonderful ethereal female vocals, contrasted with András' clean baritone style (not a death growl, as with most other male/female vocalist combos), providing an effective vocal presentation. The compositions are grandiose, though occasionally slightly directionless, and the musicianship and production are both excellent. Without Face is more often mentioned in gothic circles (perhaps due to their earlier effort, Deep Inside), but the progressive side of the band is now at the forefront, and prog metal fans should take to this band. They broke up some time after Astronomicon's release.

Last Lineup

Nóri Pádár


Pali Kökény


Roomy (Zsold Horváth)


Gergo Maros


Sasza (Szilárd Sárid)


Péter Sütõ


Former Members/Guests

Julie Kiss

vocals (ex-To-Mera)






Deep Inside  
2000 Dark Symphonies
  1. Caledioscope
  2. Sands of time
  3. I and I
  4. Hymn to the night
  5. Screaming heartbeat
  6. Deepression
  7. The picture
  • Julie Kiss
  • András
  • Roomy
  • Ákos
  • Sasza
  • Péter Sütõ

2002 Elitist
  1. Wierd Places
  2. Pit And Pendulum
  3. ... In The Garden
  4. The Violin Of Erich Zann
  5. Talamasca
  6. Daimonion
  • Julie Kiss
  • András
  • Roomy
  • Ákos
  • Sasza
  • Péter Sütõ

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