Origin: Finland  
Last update/review: March 11, 2005


The promo label on Devilmusick tabbed this Finnish band as "biker death metal", and while labelling these guys as death metal would be inaccurate, the biker tag has some merit. Musically the style is sort of a Manowar/ Motorhead hybrid, ranging from speedy uptempo songs to slower, more anthemic tracks. The vocals are of a gruff black metal style for the most part, but are mostly spoken rather than sung, which is kind of a neat effect. Several songs have backing chanting choirs (at least that's what it sound like), furthering the Manowar comparison (another band that came to mind when listening to Devilmusick is 80's Swedish metallers Heavy Load). Apparently the other albums are of a different style, as they were last touting themselves as "black heavy metal", though probably not black metal in the traditional sense.

Last Lineup

Teemu Kautonen

vocals/rhythm guitar

Tapio Wilska

guitars/keyboards (ex-Finntroll)



Daniel Reiß


John Blöchinger






Former Members/Guests

J. Crow

drums/backing vocals

The Boss





1998 Spinefarm
  1. (Rock ´N´ Roll Is) Devil´s Music
  2. Feathers Burn, Leather Doesn´t
  3. One Way Ticket To Hell
  4. Little Lyndsey
  5. ...Down The Pit Of Doom
  6. Iron, Steel, Metal
  7. Dirty As Fuck
  8. Satan´s Blues (In A Minor)
  9. Vultures Over Golgotha
  10. Revenge Of The Witch
  • Teemu Kautonen
  • Tapio Wilska
  • J. Crow

1999 Nazguls Eyrie
  1. Black Leather & Cold Metal
  2. Fenris Is Loose !
  3. Demon´s Blood
  4. The Lord Of Shadows
  5. I Am The King
  6. Get Your Kicks On Route 666
  7. Possessed By Inferno
  8. Thou Daughter Of Fire
  9. War, Pestilence, Hate
  10. Saviour Of Metal
  11. When The Sun Goes Down
  12. My Unholy Witch
  13. Leather, Booze & Rock ´N´ Roll
  14. Hot Lead
  15. Sabbath
  • Teemu Kautonen
  • Hellboozer
  • The Boss

Songs Of Sin And Decadence  
2000 Gutter
  1. Sins Of A Past Life
  2. Temple Of Elemental Evil
  3. A Midnight Rendezvous
  4. The Fire Of Volcanus
  5. Angel De La Barthe
  6. Sundown Over Lavenham
  7. Tormentor (Wimp Reaper)
  8. Nacht Der Verdammten Seele
  9. The Left Hand Of Eternity
  10. Harbingers Of Metal
  • Teemu Kautonen
  • Tapio Wilska
  • JeeJee
  • Pasi

Tormentor  EP
2000 Gutter
  1. Tormentor (Wimp Reaper)
  2. I Am The King
  3. Breaking The Law
  4. Get Slaughtered
  • Teemu Kautonen
  • Tapio Wilska
  • JeeJee
  • Pasi

Black Heavy Metal  
2001 Gutter
  1. Black Heavy Metal
  2. Maleficium 1590
  3. The Tell Tale Heart
  4. Red Eyes In The Night
  5. Soul Of A Devil
  6. Under The Eastern Sun
  7. Friday The Thirteenth
  8. 54 Stakes
  9. The Grandmast
  • Teemu Kautonen
  • Daniel Reiß
  • John Blöchinger
  • Cy

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