Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Power Metal
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Winterlong is essentially the solo project of Swedish guitar wizard Thorbjorn Englund, formally coming together around 2000 or so. A debut album was released in 2001 (Valley Of The Lost), but following that release, the rest of the band bolted to form Viperine, leaving Englund to recruit new members to continue the project. He's got good connections, as among the players who have recorded in Winterlong include Italian keyboard maestro Mistheria and well-travelled drummer Anders Johansson (Yngwie Malmsteen and others). Winterlong's music (at least, as heard on the band's third, self-titled effort) is squarely in the Euro power metal field, augmented with some Malmsteen-styled neoclassical shredding by Englund. His last album, Metal/Technology, was recorded almost exclusively as a soloist (everything except drums), and, apparently, shows a slight shift to a heavier direction. After four albums, the project was put to rest.

Last Lineup

Thorbjorn Englund

vocals/guitars (ex-Sabaton)

Mistheria (Guiseppe Iampieri)


Leif Eriksson


Former Members/Guests

Hussni Mörsare

vocals/guitars (ex-Viperine)

Mikael Holm


Erik Tornberg

bass (ex-Viperine)

Peter Uven


Toni Erkkilä


Andreas Lill (guest)

drums (Vanden Plas)

Anders Johansson (guest)

drums (ex-HammerFall, ex-Keegan, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, Manowar, ex-Silver Mountain)


Valley Of The Lost  
2001 Lion
  1. From Heaven to Hell
  2. Sky Travellers
  3. Winterlong
  4. Valley of the Lost
  5. The Water Spirit
  6. Nosferatu
  7. Mystery of Life
  8. Victory
  9. Written in Blood
  10. Driven by Insanity
  • Hussni Mörsare
  • Thorbjorn Englund
  • Erik Tornberg
  • Toni Erkkilä

The Second Coming  
2003 Lion
  1. Locking Up the Gates
  2. Twisting My Tail
  3. Northman
  4. Retaliation
  5. We'll be Immortals
  6. Call of the Wild
  7. Wild Winter Nights
  8. In Worlds of Illusions
  9. Ride into the Skies
  10. Messiah
  11. Evolution
  12. Aurora Borealis (A new beginning)
  • Mikael Holm
  • Thorbjorn Englund
  • Mistheria
  • Andreas Lill
  • Anders Johansson

2005 Lion
  1. The Priest
  2. Ten Digits of the Future
  3. Judgenment Day
  4. A Vision of the Wolf
  5. Ragnarôk
  6. Each Day We Die
  7. We'll Ride from the Dead
  8. Bloodshred
  9. Demise
  10. Oblivion
  11. The End of the Longest Winter
  • Mikael Holm
  • Thorbjorn Englund
  • Peter Uven
  • Mistheria
  • Leif Eriksson

2006 Lion
  1. The Hunter
  2. And So We Remember
  3. Go To Hell
  4. My Nevermore
  5. Like Ships In The Night
  6. Shutting Out The World
  7. On a Demon's Night
  8. The Touch Of Evil
  9. Cleaning The Machine
  10. Badlands
  • Thorbjorn Englund
  • Leif Eriksson

Longing For Winter  COMPILATION
2008 Lion
  1. Sky Travellers
  2. The Priest
  3. Northman
  4. Bloodshred
  5. Like Ships in the Night
  6. Nosferatu
  7. Wild Winter Nights
  8. And so We Remember
  9. Each Night We Die
  10. Twisting My Tail
  11. The Hunter
  12. Retaliation
  13. Winterlong
  14. Judgement Day
  15. The Prediction of M. King Hubbert
  16. Dragon Breath
  17. The Heartland
  18. Elements

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