Origin: Germany  
Genres: Doom Metal
Page online: June 7, 2008
Last update/review: December 2, 2012


This German outfit was a true underground doom metal phenomenon, releasing a cult demo by the name of Last Tape Before Doomsday (later re-released on vinyl and CD, with the name changed to Last Vinyl ... and Last CD ... as appropriate) in 1999 as well as several exceedingly rare splits and singles, with their initial breakup coming in 2001 after founder/vocalist "Mad Max" Varnier jumped off a bridge to his death. Several years later the other half of the original duo (guitarist Daniel Pharos) put a new version of the band and as such released Dooom (yep, with three o's) in 2007. This is true, classic funeral doom, on par with the Thergothons and Esoterics of the world, featuring impossibly slow riffing, minimal percussion, distant death growls, and of course an overbearing feeling of despair and hopelessness. Funeral doom in general plays to a very small, select audience, and Dooom is for that very audience and no one else (meaning, if you're not into funeral doom, you won't like this, and if you are, you will).

Current Members

Daniel Varoß


Martin Tapparo


Dominik Morgenroth


Claus Legarth


Former Members/Guests

Max Varnier

vocals/drums RIP: July 23, 2001, suicide




Last CD Before Doomsday  
  1. Whispering Gloom
  2. Solicide And The Dawning Of The Moonkult
  3. Eclipse Of Sorrow
  4. Worship
  5. Keep On Selling Cocaine To Angels
  • Max Varnier
  • Daniel Varoß
re-release of '99 demo "Last Tape Before Doomsday"

  1. Endzeit Elegy
  2. All I Ever Knew Lie Dead
  3. The Altar and the Choir of the Moonkult
  4. Graveyard Horizon
  5. Zorn a Rust-Red Scythe
  6. Devived
  7. Mirror of Sorrow
  8. I Am the End - Crucifixion Part II
  • Daniel Varoß
  • Martin Tapparo
  • Kuolema

Terranean Wake  
  1. Terranean Wake I - Tide of Terminus
  2. Terranean Wake II - The Second Coming Apart
  3. Terranean Wake III - Fear Is My Temple
  4. Terranean Wake IV - End of an Aeviturne
  • Daniel Varoß
  • Martin Tapparo
  • Dominik Morgenroth
  • Claus Legarth

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