Origin: USA  
Genres: Doom Metal
Last update/review: January 30, 2010


Wretched was one of the core members of the 90's DC doom fraternity that also featured bands such as The Obsessed, Internal Void, Revelation, and Unorthodox, a close-knit group of bands with much in common (a penchant for all things doomy, some shared membership, and several all on Hellhound Records at the time). The band has been an on-again, off-again prospect for the last decade or so. As of August 2005 they had announced they were done, but under a year later (June 2006) a new lineup (below) was back in action.

Current Members

Dave Sherman

vocals (Earthride, ex-Spirit Caravan)

Jeff Parsons

guitars (ex-Indestroy, ex-Unorthodox)

Dale Flood

guitars (Unorthodox)

John Koutsioukis


Gus Basilika

drums (ex-Indestroy, ex-Life Beyond)

Former Members/Guests

Jon Blank

vocals (ex-Wino) RIP: May 2, 2009, drug overdose, age 34

Louis Strachan

bass (ex-Iron Man, ex-Life Beyond)

Mike Phillips



Life Out There  
1993 Hellhound
  1. Endless Morning
  2. Verbal Suicide
  3. The One I Seek
  4. Standing Down
  5. Unknown Soul
  6. No Stopping
  7. Living In Dread
  8. See Your Face
  9. Life Out There
  10. The Fight
  • Dave Sherman
  • Jeff Parsons
  • John Koutsioukis
  • Gus Basilika

Psychosomatic Medicine  
1994 Hellhound
  1. Golden Child
  2. Blind Commitment
  3. Peace Run
  4. Still Life
  5. Define Why
  6. What Will Become
  7. Watch And See
  • Dave Sherman
  • Jeff Parsons
  • John Koutsioukis
  • Gus Basilika

Center Of The Universe  
1995 Hellhound
  1. Losing World
  2. Realm Of Freedom
  3. Centre Of The Universe
  4. Unveiled
  5. Suspended Animation
  6. Kingpin
  7. Doom Jesus
  8. Day In Day Out
  9. Snakebite
  • Dave Sherman
  • Jeff Parsons
  • John Koutsioukis
  • Mike Phillips

Black Ambience  EP
2009 PsycheDOOMelic
  1. When I Was Alive
  2. Together We Drown
  3. Cold As You
  • Jon Blank
  • Jeff Parsons
  • Louis Strachan
  • Gus Basilika

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