Origin: Worcester, Massachusetts, USA  
Genres: Doom Metal
Last update/review: September 29, 2001


File Warhorse alongside Cathedral, Electric Wizard, and Sleep as leading purveyors of slow, grinding, crushingly heavy doom. Really nothing more to say here -- As Heaven Turns To Ash is as good as anything released by the aforementioned groups, and therefore doomsters should really take to this band.

Last Lineup

Jerry Orne


Terry Savastano

guitars (ex-Grief)

Mike Hubbard

drums/backing vocals

Former Members/Guests

Krista Van Guilder


Todd Laskowski

guitars RIP: May 19, 2018, age 46


1998 independent
  • Jerry Orne
  • Krista Van Guilder
  • Mike Hubbard

As Heaven Turns To Ash  
2001 Southern Lord
  1. Dusk
  2. Doom's Bride
  3. Black Acid Prophecy
  4. Lysergic Communion
  5. Amber Vial
  6. Every Flower Dies No Matter The Thorns (Wither)
  7. Dawn
  8. Scrape
  9. ...And The Angel Began To Weep...
  • Jerry Orne
  • Todd Laskowski
  • Mike Hubbard

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