Origin: Swansea, England  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Page online: September 13, 2009
Last update/review: January 16, 2017


Yet another 80's thrash revivalist band here, Warpath debuting in 2005 with an EP followed by 2008's Damnation, both self-released. It seems metal fans just can't get enough of these new young upstart bands bringing back 1989, and Warpath delivered the goods, with plenty of thrashing riffs that sound oh so familiar these days, and yet with just enough punch and vigor to keep the songs interesting. Damnation has a nice, full production, excellent for a self-financed affair, and while originality is at a premium here, it's all good. These guys were on par with the best of the new wave of retro thrash bands, but they disappeared after Damnation's release.

Last Lineup

Richard Goss


Pete Hawthorne


Joel Jordan


James Davenport


Former Members/Guests

Gareth Allen


Luke O'Sullivan



Cataclysm  EP
2005 self-released
  1. Warpath
  2. Life Unworthy Of Life
  3. Dead By Dawn
  4. Face To Face
  5. Infernal
  • Gareth Allen
  • Luke O'Sullivan

2008 self-released
  1. Damnation
  2. Infernal
  3. Hostile Takeover
  4. Face to Face
  5. Spitting Blood
  6. Life Unworthy of Life
  7. W.M.D
  8. Expendable Forces
  • Richard Goss
  • Pete Hawthorne
  • Gareth Allen
  • James Davenport

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