Origin: England  
Last update/review: August 29, 2005

Year Zero

Gritty garage metal with a touch of doom from this forgotten band from the Hellhound stable. The band rocks, but the songs themselves are bit samey and lifeless. Apart from featuring Mark Griffiths (who has done better work both before and after his appearance here), there isn't much noteworthy about this band.

Last Lineup

Russ McAteer


Mark Griffiths

guitars (ex-Blackstar, ex-Cathedral)

Murray Geddes


Mike Unsworth



Nihil's Flame  
1993 Hellhound
  1. Prefall
  2. Planetfall
  3. Headache Station
  4. Harsh Believing
  5. Civilization Dreaming
  6. Wishing Horse
  7. Year Zero
  8. Evergreen (Fool's Throne)
  9. Shining Violet
  10. Invention Of God
  11. Eternal Dawn
  • Russ McAteer
  • Mark Griffiths
  • Murray Geddes
  • Mike Unsworth

1995 Hellhound
  1. Solar Creation
  2. Inches Deep
  3. The Savage Wound
  4. Zeal For War
  5. Mirror Spirit
  6. Kingdom Pain
  7. Mainline Inertia
  8. Delerium Bound
  9. Chaos Cage
  • Russ McAteer
  • Mark Griffiths
  • Murray Geddes
  • Mike Unsworth

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