Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark  
Last update/review: September 9, 2003

Zoser Mez

Zoser Mez was a project/band led by then-ex-Mercyful Fate guitarists Hank Shermann and Michael Denner, with their sole album's release occuring just prior to MF reuniting in the early nineties (this project may well have been the catalyst for that reformation). Drummer Bjarne Holm (listed here as a guest) and bassist Claus Weiergang have together and separately spent time in several Shermann-based projects over the years, such as Gutrix, Virus 7, and (most recently) Force Of Evil.

Last Lineup

Kenny Lübcke

vocals (ex-Narita)

Hank Shermann (Rene Krolmark)

guitars (ex-Brats, ex-Denner/Shermann, ex-Demonica, ex-Force Of Evil, ex-Gutrix, Mercyful Fate, ex-Virus 7)

Michael Denner

guitars (ex-Brats, ex-Denner/Shermann, ex-Force Of Evil, ex-King Diamond, ex-Mercyful Fate)

Claus Weiergang

bass (ex-Gutrix)


Vizier Of Wasteland  
1991 Zoser
  1. Desert Of Deception
  2. The Crimson Moon
  3. Another Time
  4. Wasteland
  5. Mesmerization Eclipse
  6. Street Heat Zoser
  7. Sweet Tzantza
  8. Elictizm
  9. Desecration Of Souls
  • Kenny L├╝bcke
  • Hank Shermann
  • Michael Denner
  • Claus Weiergang

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