Origin: France
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Adipocere Records

Band Album Year
Akhenaton Divine Symphonies 1995
Alastis ... And Death Smiled 1995
As Serenity Fades Earthborn 1994
Bethlehem Dark Metal 1994
Beyond Dawn Longing For Scarlet Days 1994
Blut Aus Nord The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion 2002
Blut Aus Nord The Work Which Transforms God 2003
Carcariass Killing Process 2002
Celestial Season Forever Scarlet Passion 1993
Christ Agony Daemoonseth Act II 1994
Crypt Of Kerberos World Of Myths 1993
Destinity Under The Smell Of Chaos 2003
Destinity In Excelsis Dementia 2004
Destinity Synthetic Existence 2005
Destinity 666 Thrashened Extreme Music 2007
Diabolical Masquerade Ravendusk In My Heart 1995
Diabolical Masquerade The Phantom Lodge 1997
Evoken Shades Of Night Descending 1995
Excidium Innocent River 1995
God Forsaken Dismal Gleams Of Desolation 1992
God Forsaken The Tide Has Turned 1995
Himinbjorg Golden Age 2003
Himinbjorg Europa 2005
Kalisia Skies 1996
Moonspell Under The Moonspell 1994
Nightmare Astral Deliverance 1999
Nightmare Live Deliverance 2000
Persefone Truth Inside The Shades 2004
Rain Starlight Extinction 2002
Sacramentum Finis Malorum 1995
Sacramentum Far Away From The Sun 1996

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