Origin: Germany
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Dockyard 1 Records

A German label that ran from about 2005 to 2009.

Band Album Year
After All The Vermin Breed 2005
After All This Violent Decline 2006
After All Cult Of Sin 2009
Blood Stain Child Fruity Beats 2007
Blood Stain Child Fruity Beats 7 2011
Celesty Mortal Mind Creation 2006
Dyecrest This Is My World 2005
Gurd Bang! 2006
Iron Savior Megatropolis 2007
Lake Of Tears Moons And Mushrooms 2007
Mannhai Hellroad Caravan 2006
Moonlight Agony Silent Waters 2007
Necromantia The Sound Of Lucifer Storming Heaven 2007
Savage Circus Dreamland Manor 2005
Savage Circus Live In Atlanta 2007
Savage Circus Of Doom And Death 2009
Secret Sphere Sweet Blood Theory 2008
Shatter Messiah Never To Play The Servant 2006
Shatter Messiah God Burns Like Flesh 2007
Voyager uniVers 2007
Voyager I Am The reVolution 2009
Waltari Early Years 2006
Waltari Release Date 2007
Waltari Below Zero 2009

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