Origin: USA

Heavy Artillery Records

Catalog # Band Album Year
Spellcaster Under The Spell 2011
HA55001 Merciless Death Evil In The Night 2007
HA55002 V/A Speed Kills ... Again
HA55003 Avenger Of Blood Death Brigade 2008
HA55004 Phantom Witch Phantom Witch
HA55005 Merciless Death Realm Of Terror 2008
HA55006 Exmortus In Hatred's Flame 2008
HA55007 Enforcer Into The Night 2008
HA55008 The Seven Gates Angel Of Suffering
HA55009 At War Infidel 2009
HA55011 Ignitor The Spider Queen 2009
HA55012 Vektor Black Future 2009
HA55013 Enforcer Diamonds 2010
HA55014 Vindicator The Antique Witcheries 2010
HA55015 Evil Survives Powerkiller
HA55016 Spellcaster Spells Of Speed
HA55017 Midnight Chaser Midnight Chaser
HA55017 Midnight Chaser Rough And Tough
HA55018 Excruciator Beyond The Gates Of Flesh
HA55019 Volture Shocking Its Prey 2011
HA55020 Sign Of The Jackal The Beyond
HA55021 Evil Survives Metal Vengeance
HA55022 Spellcaster Under The Spell
HA55024 Exmortus Beyond The Fall Of Time 2011
HA55026 Vektor Outer Isolation 2011
HA55027 Metalian Rock Solid

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