Origin: Japan

Leaf Hound Records

Catalog # Band Album Year
Ogre Plague Of The Planet 2008
LHR-001 Blood Farmers Permanent Brain Damage 2004
LHR-002 Sonic Flower Sonic Flower
LHR-003 Place Of Skulls With Vision 2003
LHR-004 Church Of Misery Early Works Compilation 2004
LHR-008 Acid King III 2005
LHR-010 Om Conference Of The Birds 2006
LHR-011 Church Of Misery Master Of Brutality 2001
LHR-013 Acid King The Early Years 2006
LHR-014 Acrimony Tumuli Shroomaroom 1997
LHR-015 Acrimony Bong On - Live Long! 2007
LHR-018 Revelation Never Comes Silence 1992
LHR-021 Revelation Salvation's Answer 1991
LHR-022 Church Of Misery Vol. 1 2007
LHR-025 Gentlemans Pistols Gentlemans Pistols
LHR-026 Winters Black Clouds In Twin Galaxies 2007
LHR-027 Dzjenghis Khan Dzjenghis Khan
LHR-028 Witchcraft The Alchemist 2007
LHR-029 Blood Farmers Blood Farmers 1995
LHR-030 Iron Man Black Night 1993
LHR-031 Iron Man The Passage 1994
LHR-032 Electric Wizard Witchcult Today 2007
LHR-033 V/A Requiem Of Confusion
LHR-035 Witchcraft Witchcraft 2004
LHR-036 Witchcraft Firewood 2005
LHR-037 Ogre Seven Hells 2006
LHR-038 Revelation Release 2008

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