Origin: Germany
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Band Album Year
Adagio Sanctus Ignis 2001
Black Majesty Sands Of Time 2003
Black Majesty Silent Company 2005
Black Majesty Tomorrowland 2007
Black Majesty In Your Honour 2010
Black Majesty Stargazer 2012
Burning Point Salvation By Fire 2001
Burning Point Feeding The Flames 2003
Burning Starr Land Of The Dead 2011
Concerto Moon Rainforest 2000
Concerto Moon The End Of The Beginning: Live In Tokyo 2001
Dungeon A Rise To Power 2002
Godiva Godiva 2003
Godiva Call Me Under 666 2005
Gothic Knights Up From The Ashes 2003
InnerWish Silent Faces 2004
InnerWish Inner Strength 2006
Kenziner Timescape 1998
Kenziner The Prophecies 1999
Midnight Sun Metal Machine 2001
Mob Rules Savage Land 1999
Mob Rules Temple Of Two Suns 2000
Olympos Mons Conquistador 2004
Pagan's Mind
Pagan's Mind Celestrial Entrance 2002
Pagan's Mind Enigmatic: Calling 2005
Pagan's Mind God's Equation 2007
Pagan's Mind Live Equation 2009
Rhapsody Of Fire Legendary Tales 1997
Rhapsody Of Fire Symphony Of Enchanted Lands 1998
Rhapsody Of Fire Dawn Of Victory 2000
Rhapsody Of Fire Rain Of A Thousand Flames 2001
Rhapsody Of Fire Power Of The Dragonflame 2002
Rhapsody Of Fire Tales From The Emerald Sword Saga 2004
ShadowKeep Shadow Keep 1999
ShadowKeep Corruption Within 2000
Wizard Head Of The Deceiver 2001
Wizard Odin 2003
Wizard Magic Circle 2005
Zandelle Twilight On Humanity 2002
Zandelle Vengeance Rising 2007

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