Origin: Italy
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Metal On Metal Records

Band Album Year
Arkham Witch Legions Of The Deep 2012
Arkham Witch Demos From The Deep 2014
Arkham Witch I Am Providence 2015
Arkham Witch Get Thothed Vol. I 2015
Arkham Witch Get Thothed Vol. II 2016
Arkham Witch Get Thothed Vol. III 2018
Attacker Giants Of Canaan 2013
Attacker Sins Of The World 2017
Attacker Armor Of The Gods 2018
Bitter End Have A Nice Death! 2011
Dark Quarterer Ithaca 2015
Frankenshred Cauldron Of Evil 2009
Heathendom Nescience 2008
Heathendom Heathendom 2010
Heathendom The Symbolist 2011
Heretic A Time Of Crisis 2012
Meliah Rage Dead To The World 2011
Meliah Rage Warrior 2014
Skelator Time Of The Sword Rulers 2008
Skelator Death To All Nations 2010
Skelator Agents Of Power 2012

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