Origin: Italy
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My Kingdom Music

Band Album Year
Crest Of Darkness Evil Knows Evil 2004
Crest Of Darkness Give Us The Power To Do Your Evil 2007
Crest Of Darkness In The Presence Of Death 2013
Crest Of Darkness Evil Messiah 2015
Crest Of Darkness Welcome The Dead 2016
Crest Of Darkness The God Of Flesh 2019
Deinonychus Mournament 2002
Deinonychus Insomnia 2004
Deinonychus Warfare Machines 2007
Deinonychus Ode To Acts Of Murder, Dystopia And Suicide 2017
In Tormentata Quiete Teatroelementale 2009
In Tormentata Quiete Cromagia 2014
In Tormentata Quiete Finestatico 2017
Klimt 1918 Undressed Momento 2003
Område Edari 2015
Område Nåde 2017
Rain Paint Nihil Nisi Mors 2003
Rain Paint Disillusion Of Purity 2006
ThanatoSchizo Zoom Code 2008
Warfect Depicting The Macabre 2009

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