Origin: USA
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Nightmare Records

Band Album Year
Andromeda The Immunity Zone 2008
Anubis Gate Anubis Gate 2011
Anubis Gate Horizons 2014
Anubis Gate Covered In Black 2017
Cypher Seer Origins 2011
Futures End Memoirs Of A Broken Man 2009
Katagory V The Rising Anger 2006
Katagory V Hymns Of Dissension 2007
Loch Vostok Reveal No Secrets 2009
Manticora Safe 2010
Order Of Nine Of Once And Future Kings 2002
Order Of Nine Season Of Regin 2003
Order Of Nine A Means To Know End 2008
Order Of Nine Seventh Year Of The Broken Mirror 2013
Prototype Continuum 2006
Prototype Retrospect 2012
Prototype Catalyst 2012
Pyramaze Legend Of The Bone Carver 2006

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