Origin: Germany

No Remorse Records

Band Album Year
Heir Apparent The View From Below 2018
Eternal Champion Ravening Iron 2020
Hittman Destroy All Humans 2020
Shok Paris Full Metal Jacket 2020
Memory Garden 1349 2021
Blind Guardian Battalions Of Fear 1988
Dimple Minds Blau Auf'm Bau
Grinder Dawn For The Living 1988
Dimple Minds Trinken An Die Macht
Heavens Gate In Control 1988
Blind Guardian Follow The Blind 1989
Grinder Dead End 1989
Lawdy Outlaw Invasion
Sacrosanct Truth Is - What Is 1990
Pyracanda Two Sides Of A Coin 1990
Grinder The 1st EP 1990
Heavens Gate Open The Gate And Watch! 1990
Wardance Heaven Is For Sale
Blind Guardian Tales From The Twilight World 1990
Centaur Mob Rules The World

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