Origin: England

Rage Of Achilles Records

Band Album Year
Abdullah Snake Lore 2000
Amoral Wound Creations 2004
An Axis Of Perdition The Ichneumon Method 2003
Anaal Nathrakh Total Fucking Necro 2002
Cult Of Luna Cult Of Luna 2001
Elenium For Giving - For Getting 2003
Fall Of The Leafe Volvere 2004
Kiuas Winter In June 2004
M.A.N Obey, Consume, Reject 2006
Manitou The Mad Moon Rising 2004
Omnium Gatherum Steal The Light 2002
Omnium Gatherum Spirits And August Light 2003
Underlord Rise Of The Ancient Kings 2003
Witch Mountain Homegrown Doom 2000
Witch Mountain Come The Mountain 2001

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