Origin: Germany
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StormSpell Records

Band Album Year
Air Raid Night Of The Axe 2012
Air Raid Danger Ahead 2012
Amulance The Rage Within And The Aftermath 2007
Amulance Deutschland 2010
Anacrusis Annihilation Complete 2009
Blazon Stone Return To Port Royal 2013
Blazon Stone Live In The Dark 2019
Blazon Stone Hymns Of Triumph And Death 2019
Blazon Stone Return To Port Royal - Definitive Edition 2020
Cauldron Born Born Of The Cauldron 1997
Chemical Annihilation Why Die? 2009
Fischel's Beast Commencement 2009
Hellhound Anthology 2008
Immaculate Atheist Crusade 2010
Lich King Necromantic Maelstrom 2007
Lich King Toxic Zombie Onslaught 2008
Lich King World Gone Dead 2010
Lich King Super Retro Thrash 2011
Lich King Born Of The Bomb 2012
Sentinel Beast Up From The Ashes 2010
Space Eater Aftershock 2010
Spectral Incursion Anthology 2011
Target Target 2009
Vindicator Sleeping With Evil 2014

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