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Genres: Alternative Metal
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Adrift was formed in 2002 by then-Cannibal Corpse guitarist Jack Owen, and at the time it was a rather bold move, a death metal veteran proclaiming his desire to play alternative metal. For a time he continued in CC with Adrift as a side project, but eventually he decided he'd had enough of death metal, and so he quit the Corpse to concentrate on Adrift. Sure enough, Absolution (the 2007 full-length debut following an EP the year before) is completely removed from anything resembling death metal, instead forging a hard-edged, yet melodic and accessible alterna-metal sound. The style is most attributable to the vocals, with Dean Pskowski strong yet melodic and radio-friendly vocals really the defining factor here (though Owen's guitar work is splendid as well, as one might expect). It's pointless to compare Adrift to Owen's previous work, and so making a generic statement like "fans of Cannibal Corpse might like this" would be misleading at best. Those fans will, or will not, like this regardless of Owen's involvement, since his guitar style, as well as everything else, is completely different than his past. But to those with an open ear for melodic, yet forceful alternative metal, Absolution is a good bet.

Though he had earlier said he was no longer into death metal, Owen joined Deicide not long after Absolution's release (and later went to Six Feet Under), which likely signals the end of Adrift.

Last Lineup

Dean Pskowski


Jack Owen

guitars/vocals (ex-Cannibal Corpse, ex-Deicide, Six Feet Under)

Jen Parker


Kevin Astl



Adrift  EP
2006 self-released
  1. The Calling
  2. Vague Unconscienceness
  3. Memory
  4. What You've Become
  • Dean Pskowski
  • Jack Owen
  • Jen Parker
  • Kevin Astl

2007 self-released
  1. Betrayed
  2. You Don't Know Me
  3. Wither Away
  4. Pushed Aside
  5. Back To Square One
  6. Absolution
  7. S.I.C.C.
  8. Held Down
  9. Departure
  10. Come Around
  11. Left Behind
  • Dean Pskowski
  • Jack Owen
  • Jen Parker
  • Kevin Astl

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