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BNR's 100 Favorite Metal Songs

Some time ago I compiled a list of my favorite metal songs of all time. See the entire list, with commentary and links to YouTube clips, here.

Brand New Albums!

Nov 15  Abigail Williams  Walk Beyond The Dark
Nov 15  Bombus  Vulture Culture
Nov 15  CyHra  No Halos In Hell
Nov 15  Despised Icon  Purgatory
Nov 15  Ragnarok  Non Debellicata
Nov 15  The Deathtrip  Demon Solar Totem
Nov 13  Mob Rules  Beast Over Europe
Nov 10  Life Of Agony  The Sounds Of Scars
Nov 8  Angel Witch  Angel Of Light
Nov 8  Blind Guardian  Twilight Orchestra: Legacy Of The Dark Lands

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traditional metal from Florida

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The Thirteenth Sun
progressive metal from Romania

The Thirteenth Sun hails from Romania, and in fact their home city is in the heart of Transylvania. The band doesn't pander ... Read more

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