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BNR's 100 Favorite Metal Songs

Some time ago I compiled a list of my favorite metal songs of all time. See the entire list, with commentary and links to YouTube clips, here.

Brand New Albums!

Mar 20  Bloodbound  Rise Of The Dragon Empire
Mar 8  Children Of Bodom  Hexed
Mar 8  Iron Fire  Beyond The Void
Mar 8  Iron Savior  Kill Or Get Killed
Mar 8  Tyr  Hel
Mar 1  Demon Hunter  Peace
Mar 1  Demon Hunter  War
Mar 1  In Flames  I, The Mask
Mar 1  Queensryche  The Verdict
Feb 22  Candlemass  The Door To Doom

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The Von Deer Skulls
eclectic metal/doom metal from France

Here's one for the bizarro crowd. The Von Deer Skulls were labelled somewhere as "progressive post-doom". To be clear, this ... Read more

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