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BNR's 100 Favorite Metal Songs

Some time ago I compiled a list of my favorite metal songs of all time. See the entire list, with commentary and links to YouTube clips, here.

Brand New Albums!

Jul 19  Cancer  Ballcutter
Jul 19  Sabaton  The Great War
Jul 12  Torche  Admission
Jul 5  Abbath  Outstrider
Jun 29  Sacred Reich  Alive 2019
Jun 28  Biomechanical  Orchestral Empires
Jun 28  Nocturnal Breed  We Only Came For Violence
Jun 28  Turilli/Lione Rhapsody  Zero Gravity (Rebirth And Evolution)
Jun 21  Gygax  High Fantasy
Jun 21  Memoriam  Requiem For Mankind

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The latest new band pages

Cursed 13
black metal from Sweden

Cursed 13 dates back to 1998, a one-man project with the name Cursed 666. For some reason the change to Cursed 13 took place ... Read more

Eternal Champion
traditional metal from Texas

Austin power metallers Eternal Champion (the name is a Michael Moorcock reference) debuted in 2016 with The Armor Of Ire, and ... Read more

Hollow Haze
power metal/progressive metal from Italy

Hollow Haze hails from Vicenza, Italy, and was founded in 2003, with guitarist Nick Savio the one constant member over the years. Interestingly, ... Read more

Ice Age
thrash metal from Sweden

Ice Age formed in 1985 and, based on the strength of solid demos and a healthy underground buzz, were frequently tapped as a ... Read more

thrash metal/power metal from Germany

This German band has been around since 1993, and went the indie route for much of their early recording career, putting out ... Read more

black metal/death metal from New York

Profanatica was formed in 1990 by three guys who all played in early lineups of Incantation, deciding to go their own way to play ... Read more

progressive metal/sludge metal from California

Squalus is more or less the continuation of the late great Giant Squid, one of those odd experimental bands that the metal world ... Read more

stoner rock from Poland

Poland is no stranger to metal, of course, but stoner rock is not thought of as a Polish staple. Yet here we have the rather ... Read more

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