Origin: Stenungsund, Sweden  
Genres: Stoner Rock
Last update/review: January 4, 2016


Astroqueen was a Swedish band whose 2001 album, Into Submission, is squarely in the Fu Manchu / Nebula camp of prime stoner rock. As such it scored few points for originality, but it did possess all the positive traits of the genre, with a cool fuzzy guitar sound and typical stoner rock vocals. For those who must have every stoner rock album, add this to your list. Alternatively, if you've never heard any stoner rock and are interested in what it sounds like, Into Submission is a reasonable (albeit generic) representation.

Last Lineup

Daniel Änghede


Daniel Tolergård


Mattias Wester


Johan Backman



Into Submission  
2001 Pavement
  1. Landslide
  2. Out Of This World
  3. Superhuman God
  4. Brain Phase Voyage
  5. Rufus Jr.
  6. Planet Dust
  7. The Sonic Ride
  8. Soulburner
  9. I Go To Sleep (I'm Gone)
  10. Serve The Sun
  11. Lua Vermelha
  • Daniel Änghede
  • Daniel Tolergård
  • Mattias Wester
  • Johan Backman

Astroqueen vs Buffalo (split w/ Buffalo)  
2005 Dias De Garage
  1. Crashlander (Astroqueen)
  2. Lava (Astroqueen)
  3. The Untitled (Astroqueen)
  4. The Shades of John Doe (Astroqueen)
  5. Chess of Confussion (Astroqueen)
  6. Fanstyg (Astroqueen)
  7. Asesino de Corderos (Buffalo)
  8. Bendecidos (Buffalo)
  9. Tormento (Buffalo)
  10. Jesus, el Arquitecto (Buffalo)
  11. The Four Horsemen (Buffalo)
  • Daniel Änghede
  • Daniel Tolergård
  • Mattias Wester
  • Johan Backman

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